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Gregory Menvielle is a French-American entrepreneur and founder of the software applications and Pyrasolutions. Gregory has a background in international expansion, helping companies achieve success on a global scale and is part of the Non-profit Costs of Care, where he oversees technologies initiatives that help caregivers decrease healthcare costs.

He holds a BA in Economics from the University of California at Los Angeles and an MA in Egyptology from the University of Chicago, neither of them preparing him to keep up with his 3 year old daughter!


  • Need a better customer? Try Gamification! (it even works for enterprises!)
  • Time: Tuesday @ 5:00pm | Room N-121

Gamification is fast becoming a new industry buzz word, however, few people realize the potential behind the hype. Using several case studies, including one where doctors have to be roped in to lower the costs of health care in the US, we will look at how gamification can be used to increase engagements, target customers to increase sales, and improve enterprise software.

You do not need a background in gaming or game-theory to attend this presentation but come prepared to learn a few actionable items you can put to work in your projects right away.



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