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  • Gregor Aisch
  • Information Visualization Architect,
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Gregor Aisch is a freelance visualization architect and interactive graphics developer. With his +10 years experience in software development and a B.Sc. in Computational Visualistics he currently leads the technical development of Datawrapper, an online data visualization platform that is used by major media organizations around the globe. Prior to this he a has developed interactive graphics and maps both for German news websites and international organizations such as General Electric and the Open Knowledge Foundation.


  • Scale and Performance: Data Visualization In Modern Web Browsers
  • Time: Tuesday @ 1:30pm | Room N-114

For an entire generation of developers frameworks such as D3 have made it increasingly easy to produce web-based data visualizations. However, facing the limitations of cross-browser and multi-device development, there are still challenges left. Among them we find the challenge of producing animated web graphics that appease both our the hunger for high complexity with the need for high frame rates. What are the major bottle necks in data visualization using web-technologies such as SVG, CSS and HTML5 Canvas, and how can we work around them?

This presentation was contributed by The Graphical Web, for more info see Graphical Web Abstracts


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