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  • Eric Wing
  • Game Platform Architect, Lanica
Eric Wing

As an architect for Lanica's Game Development Platform, Eric Wing uses his OpenGL background and GPU chops on Lanica's cross-platform Platino Game Engine SDK. He co-authored the book "Beginning iPhone Games Development," published by Apress, and is a contributor to various open source projects such as SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer), OpenSceneGraph, and CMake. Eric is the creator of open source libraries including ALmixer (a cross-platform library that makes using OpenAL easy), and LuaCocoa (a full featured language bridge for Lua and Objective-C/C). A version of Eric's popular talk, 30 Years of Video Game Evolution, can be found on YouTube.


  • Writing cross-platform games using Javascript and OpenGL
  • Time: Tuesday @ 11:40am | Room N-125

Lanica's game development platform provides iOS and Android game developers the benefits of working natively on devices while coding cross-platform with JavaScript. In this talk, we'll show examples of a 40x speed-up using JavaScript on a physics implementation, with our C libraries doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes. We'll demonstrate advanced multichannel audio on Android with capabilities not before found on that platform. We'll talk about the advantages of Going Native and avoiding iOS7 breakage, and how our approach can make cross-platform native performance possible while keeping development work at a minimum. We'll demo some cool designer and developer tools that we've created to help game developers work more quickly and efficiently. Expect some high-value giveaways for the best questions asked!


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