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Elika J. Etemad

Elika J. Etemad aka fantasai is an expert on the W3C CSS Working Group and a longtime contributor to the Mozilla Project. She started out by writing testcases and the occasional patch for Gecko's layout engine in the era before Firefox, but these days mostly edits most specs for the CSSWG. Since joining in 2004, she's worked on CSS2.1, Selectors, Backgrounds and Borders, Writing Modes, Text, Flexbox, Grid Layout, Image Values, Alignment, Ruby, and more.


  • A Tale of Opposing Directions: Bidirectional Text in HTML and CSS
  • Time: Tuesday @ 2:30pm | Room E-134

Bidi in Three Acts: an introduction to the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm and how it works, followed by a tutorial on its application in HTML4 and CSS2 documents, and an exploration of the new isolation and auto-detection features being introduced in HTML5, CSS3, and Unicode 6.3 that will make mixed-directional multilingual documents easier to auto-generate and author. You'll learn the fundamentals of bidirectional text as well as tips and techniques for handling user-generated content and supporting website translations into both left-to-right and right-to-left languages.


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