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  • Donald Lau
  • Android Developer, Yelp
Donald Lau

Don is one of the engineers behind building and scaling Yelp's Android app to 10M+ users. He has a passion for making complicated interfaces simple, whether the interface is for the front-end user or for fellow developers. He's working on refactoring and simplifying the underlying models for the Yelp app. Prior to Yelp, Donald has worked at Facebook, Microsoft, and RIM (BlackBerry).


  • Parcelable Models on Android
  • Time: Wednesday @ 4:00pm | Room N-123

We'll be exploring an approach to representing models on Android using Yelp's open-source parcelgen tool ( The parcelgen tool takes care of the boilerplate needed to convert JSON data (from network requests) to Parcelable models, simplifying the process of passing your models across Activities and Fragments.


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