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Dmitry Baranovskiy

Dmitry star­ted his jour­ney over a dec­ade ago as a back-end developer, then a designer and has now finally settled and accep­ted his fate as a front-end develoepr. Des­pite his deep know­ledge of CSS and HTML, he mainly spe­cial­izes in JavaS­cript and is well known as the cre­ator of Raphaël as well as other JavaS­cript libraries. These days he is a Senior Computer Scientist with Adobe.


  • A Brand New JavaScript SVG Library For The Modern Web
  • Time: Wednesday @ 11:40am | Room E-134

SVG is an excellent solution for assets that have to look perfect across the multitude of devices, screen sizes, and resolutions web developers are targeting today. But the problem it that SVG can be cumbersome to generate, and even more difficult to reliably animate and script. All that changes today. Adobe is using HTML5 Dev Conf as a launchpad for a new, modern, open source JavaScript library specifically for working with SVG. From now on, creating new SVG content — and working with existing SVG content generated by any tool — becomes intuitive, simple, and streamlined.


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