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  • David Dailey
  • Slippery Rock University

David Dailey is Professor of Computer Science at Slippery Rock University in Western Pennsylvania. He has taught in departments of computer science, mathematics and psychology at universities from Alaska to Massachusetts and many points in between. He is the author of two books on Scalable Vector Graphics and has lectured on that topic in several countries in Europe and Asia as well as teaching courses for the W3C. Most of his research has been in graph theory, but it has ranged at times into linguistics, art history and cognitive psychology.

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  • Breaking the Rectilinear Mold, Spicing Up Our Communicative Choreography
  • Time: Wednesday @ 11:40 | Room N-120

On this year’s fiftieth anniversary of the hypertext, we realize that the concept has succeeded in transforming the linear text of antiquity into the more modern technologies of web-based communication. Nonetheless, we are still stuck in boxes. Ideas don’t always fit in rectangles, and the graph theoretic topology of such things as maps, flow charts, taxonomies, and more generally, glyphs and art, do not always conform comfortably to our 15th century legacy of rectangular typesetting. And while even the forward-looking SVG has embraced a richer metaphor for human expression than its cousin, HTML, it too has chosen to remain inside the box, at least for the time being.


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