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  • Darcy Clarke
  • UX Developer & Designer, Freelance
  • Twitter | Github

Darcy Clarke is an award winning Frontend Developer, Designer, User Experience Advocate & Entrepreneur. He speaks, mentors, builds & promotes all things HTML5, CSS3, JS & Open Source related. Darcy is also the Co-Founder of Themify, a commercial WordPress theme company.


  • Web Content & Creative Constraints (W3Cs)
  • Time: Wednesday @ 5:00pm | Room E-132

It's an unfortunate fact that even manipulating text, on the web, isn't as easy as we'd like. Building beautifully rich and interactive web experiences across a variety of contexts and states requires some creative problem solving. In this talk we'll explore the challenges of working with all forms of media in the modern web and how to implement multi-facetted solutions for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.


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