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Daniel Austin is Principal Architect and Member of the Technical Staff at Paypal, where he is focused on large-scale payment systems. In a past life, he's worked for organizations such as CERN, NASA, W3C, Sun, and Yahoo! in pursuit of making the Internet faster and smarter. In his copious spare time he plays the piano and feeds his cat in Santa Clara, California.


  • Perspectives on the Evolution of HTML
  • Time: Wednesday @ 11:40am | Room E-130

As a member of the HTML Working Group at W3C since 1996, I’ve been privileged to have the opportunity to participate in one of the most important human endeavors – the creation of the World Wide Web. This talk will recount the ongoing saga of my love-hate relationship with HTML, and why I’m still actively involved nearly twenty years later. I’ll try to explain the reasoning behind the decisions that were made, the battles won and lost, why we have iframes and write our tags in lower-case, and why XHTML isn’t going away. I’ll also try to provide some ideas about the future evolution of HTML as an authoring and presentation language, and my thinking on why HTML’s future will be more glorious yet.

  • Training Course Web Performance Boot Camp
  • Time | Room

The art and science of Web performance is the topic for this one-day workshop. Here are some of the topics to be covered:

  • What you really need to know about Web performance
  • Using the MPPC model to figure out what’s important – and what’s not – for your site
  • The Network Effect
  • Testing performance on the Web for fun and profit
  • Performance and availability
  • Optimizing your Web site for HTML5
  • 7 Myths of Web Performance



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