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Colt McAnlis is a Developer Advocate at Google focusing on Chrome Games and Performance; Before that, he was a systems & graphics programmer in the games industry working at Blizzard, Microsoft (Ensemble), and Petroglyph. He also spent 4 years as an Adjunct Professor at SMU Guildhall's school for game development, where he taught classes on math, physics, graphics, and concurrent programming. When he's not working with partners, Colt spends his time preparing for an invasion of giant ants from outer space.


  • GZIP is not enough!
  • Time: Tuesday @ 4:00pm | Room E-134

Compression matters! Heavy page weight hurts companies (in cost to transfer) and users (in cost to download). With the boom of mobile devices, especially in countries with lower speed connectivity, reducing your page weight is critical for the success with users on mobile. In this talk, Colt will discuss a plethora of research into alternate ways to compress, minify, munge, and represent CSS, JSON, HTML, XML and Javascript data on the web; and how GZIP sometimes helps, but often-times can get in the way. Attendees will walk away with a suite of options for reducing their page transfer sizes, and ideas about how to integrate the topics into their development pipelines.


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