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  • Christos Georgiopoulos
  • Vice President, Software and Services Group
    General Manager, Developer Relations Division

Christos Georgiopoulos is vice president of Intel Corporation's Software and Services Group (SSG) and general manager of the Developer Relations Division. That division is responsible for providing programs and services to the global software ecosystem developing applications for Intel's platforms and the Intel AppUpSM center.

Georgiopoulos joined Intel in 1999 as an applications engineer focused on Intel's high- performance computing efforts. He has held several management roles on the Client Enabling Technologies team, the Software Enabling Group and the Workstation Products Group focused on the introduction of a number of Intel's server, desktop and mobile platforms.

Prior to Intel, Georgiopoulos was principal investigator and senior scientist at CERN and the Supercomputer Research Institute at Florida State University, with expertise in high-performance computing, pattern recognition algorithms and optimization as well as particle physics detectors and online data acquisition systems.

Georgiopoulos holds bachelor's and master's degrees in physics and a Ph.D. in experimental high energy physics from Tufts University.


  • From Grassroots to Green Pastures: HTML5, Freedom of Choice and the Era of Integrated Computing
  • Time: Tuesday @ 9:00am | Room: E-134

Join Christos Georgiopoulos to explore freedom of choice for developers and users in a new era of Integrated Computing. Christos will detail the simple reasons for Intel’s stalwart support of cross-platform development, open standards-based ecoystems and celebrate what members of the developer community are doing today. Ideas will be shared, code will be written.


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