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  • Christopher Chedeau
  • Software Engineer, Facebook
  • Twitter | Github

I'm Christopher Chedeau aka Vjeux, a 23 years-old frenchy. I'm a Facebook Software Engineer in the Photos Team where I shipped the redesign of the photos timeline and an internal component to display photos. Before that, I went to EPITA, a 5-year Computer Science school and majored in its R&D lab LRDE in Image Processing. I also worked for Curse during the nights and week-ends.


  • Image Layout Algorithms
  • Time: Wednesday @ 4:00pm | Room N-124

There are many different ways to show grids of images and none of them is perfect. I'm going to formalize all the characteristics I mentioned in the examples. This way, people now have a framework to talk about image layouts and can effectively compare the different ones they are evaluating for the purpose of their application.



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