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  • Cameron Lakenen
  • Front-end software engineer, Box
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Cameron Lakenen

Cameron Lakenen is a front-end software engineer at Box, where he spends most of his time hacking in the browser. He joined Box after the Crocodoc acquisition in May and focuses on solving complex front-end problems to help display documents in a beautiful, simple way. Prior to joining Crocodoc, Cameron built HTML5 web apps for the University of Michigan College of Engineering. Fun fact: Cameron first met the Crocodoc team at last October’s HTML5DevConf!


  • Embedding complex SVGs into HTML
  • Time: Tuesday @ 11:30am | Room N-124

The Box View API (formerly Crocodoc) uses SVG to render documents in the browser. SVG is a great format for rendering documents for web because it is lightweight, portable, and supports nearly everything needed to render a document. Unfortunately, most browsers are still struggling with SVG in some way or another, especially regarding performance. We will explore some issues we had embedding complex SVGs into HTML and the kinds of crazy hacks we came up with to resolve them. This talk will be a deep technical dive into the fuzzy, but incredibly crisp world of SVG in HTML.


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