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  • Bryan Klimt
  • Software Engineer, Parse | Facebook
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Bryan Klimt is the primary developer of the Parse JavaScript SDK. He's also the tech lead for Parse's other client SDKs, including the native clients for iOS and Android. Before Parse, Bryan was a web search quality engineer at Google. He was part of the team that launched Google+ Search and Search plus Your World. He began studying information retrieval and machine learning at Carnegie Mellon University, where he researched email classification, publishing one of the first papers analyzing the Enron email corpus.


  • Stop Writing JavaScript by Hand:
    7 Ways Transpiling Makes JavaScript Better
  • Time: Wednesday @ 1:30pm | Room N-125

There are a lot of language-level features that aren't available in stock JavaScript that are available in languages that can be automatically translated (or transpiled) into JavaScript. This talk will give an overview of various languages (such as CoffeeScript and Dart) and what they uniquely bring to the table. For example, TypeScript gives you type safety, ClojureScript allows Lisp-style dynamic binding, etc. I'll be making an impassioned plea, that we encourage these languages to be more than "just JavaScript" just as we don't force other high-level languages to be "just machine code".


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