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  • Badri Rajasekar
  • VP Engineering, TokBox

Badri is VP of Engineering at TokBox and leads the development teams of the Opentok API including the Cloud service, OpenTok SDK on Web/Mobile endpoints and product offerings on WebRTC in addition to Flash-based solutions. He holds an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University with an emphasis on systems software and algorithms for large data sets. He also holds a B.Tech in Information Technology from the University of Madras.


  • Face to Face video for fun and profit: Making WebRTC work in the real-world
  • Time: Wednesday @ 5:00pm | Room E-131

Video as a paradigm for real-time communication is gaining a lot of traction. WebRTC has aided in this movement by providing fundamental building blocks needed to develop truly high quality voice, video and data applications on the web. As people find new and interesting ways to use video in real-world applications, there exists the need to bridge the gap between what WebRTC enables, and what the market needs. This discussion will explore what WebRTC solves out-of-the-box in terms of APIs and functionality, explore some of the technical issue which need to be addressed to overcome this gap and showcase some actual use cases for real time communication.


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