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  • Andrew Sledd
Andrew Sledd

Andy is CTO for IKIVO where he leads product development and engineering. He has worked actively in SVG and web standardization in W3C, 3GPP, OMA and OMTP. Andy is passionate about the technical and commercial capabilities that web technologies have not only for the web but for all connected devices.


  • UI Tool Chain that Addresses the Challenges of Embedded UI
  • Time: Wednesday @ 2:30pm | Room N-122

User experience expectations are a demanding challenge especially on embedded devices. Tablets and smart phones provide relatively powerful platforms with lots of memory and processing power, but in addition the consumer electronics market has many other devices with tougher constraints. Even in constrained processing environments web technologies like SVG, JavaScript, XHR and JSON make a great platform for development. They offer rapid prototyping, modular development, and smooth deployment. We explain the technology choices we’ve made in producing a tool chain and UI framework and showcase them running on a constrained embedded device. Complete with direct integration to Adobe Creative Suite, there’s a smooth path for UI creation from Design through Development to Deployment. Come see some of the capabilities available on 250Mhz and 1.5.MB of RAM.

This presentation was contributed by The Graphical Web, for more info see Graphical Web Abstracts


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