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  • Andrew Hyde Smith
  • HTML5 Developer Evangelist, Intel
Andrew Hyde Smith

Andrew Smith has worked in the past as a client-side engineer. He got his start on Mapquest's web team and then continued writing dynamic HTML for several successful startups. At one point, Andrew taught college courses in JavaScript, CSS, and Web programming.

With the success of Intel(R) XDK, Andrew's role has changed from developing apps to providing assistance as an instructor and technologist. He loves helping Web developers use their existing skill set to create great mobile applications.


  • Rapidly Creating Responsive and Attractive HTML5 Mobile User Experiences
  • Time: Wednesday @ 1:30pm | Room N-123

HTML5 developers are often called on to make quick user experiences for mobile HTML5 apps. Whether it is a prototype for the next app or a side project to expose some features on mobile that were only available on the desktop, building these pages from scratch can be time consuming and challenging. Intel's App Framework open source JavaScript libraries can help. They were built specifically for mobile so they are lightweight and fast. They take advantage of new browser features and support valid W3C CSS selectors. The UI portion of the package treats all platforms the same and does not degrade features or performance to resolve conflicts or bugs. Finally this description of HTML5 mobile UI development will demonstrate Intel's App Starter drag and drop interface which is useful in prototyping a new App Framework user experience. Sign up for this session to learn how to make the most out of these free tools.


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