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Alejandro grew up outside Seattle, Washington and from a young age cultivated a deep appreciation for fine arts, music and technology. University studies covered everything from photography and dance to Calculus, Chemistry, and Latin American Revolutionary History.

Alejandro's professional career has included web design, product design and development and project management. The last seven years however have been focused exclusively on web and mobile application design, beginning at GameHouse in Seattle, leading to SiriusXM in Washington DC, and ultimately leading back to the West Coast with Gimmie World. He lives in San Francisco now with his Italian Greyhound, and is currently rocking Adobe, innovating new web design workflows in Dreamweaver CC.

When he is not mind-melding with his Adobe team or weaving dreams on his laptop screen, you can find Alejandro running through the city with his dog, making music and going to shows, or hanging out on boats or slopes in Lake Tahoe.


  • Window to the Future: Explore HTML5 and CSS Visual Tooling Through the Eyes of Dreamweaver
  • Time: Tuesday @ 10:40am | Room E-130

Deep dive into the future of HTML5 and CSS3 visual tools. A look at the present and future of web visual development tools through the eyes of Dreamweaver. You will also learn about some of the exciting Dreamweaver extensions and the future of extensibility to help improve productivity.


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