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  • Alan Greenblatt
  • Senior Creative Cloud Evangelist, Adobe
Alan Greenblatt

Alan is a senior Creative Cloud evangelist at Adobe, where he focuses primarily on Web standards and Web and mobile application development. Over the years Alan has led engineering teams and built products and technologies for the likes of Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Airbus and NATO. You can follow @agreenblatt on Twitter or read his blog at


  • SVG Filters, CSS Filters & Blend Modes
  • Time: Tuesday @ 4:00pm | Room N-120

The Web is changing so fast, it seems like every day there is something new that can be done that didn't seem possible before. In this talk we're going to go over some graphical Web standards that are being implemented in many different browsers and devices, that let you easily create compelling graphical effects on Web content, previously only seen in advanced desktop imaging programs such as Photoshop. The Web like you've never seen it before.


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