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We are currently in the process of adding our speakers. Thank you for all of the wonderful submissions. You will see currently confirmed speakers for fall soon, and we will be adding more speakers over the coming weeks.

  • Misko Hevery
  • Google

What is in store for the future of Angular

  • Arno Gourdol
  • Adobe

How cupcakes, Alice in Wonderland, and Baby Elephants are Moving the Web Forward

  • Christos Georgiopoulos
  • Intel

From Grassroots to Green Pastures: HTML5, Freedom of Choice and the Era of Integrated Computing

  • Douglas Crockford
  • PayPal

Which Way Is Forward

  • Joe Marini
  • Google

Building Native Apps with HTML5

  • Robert Nyman
  • Mozilla

Firefox OS, the Open Web & WebAPIs

  • Divya Manian
  • Adobe

Unmasking the GPU: Using Hardware Acceleration Correctly in CSS

  • João Parreira
João Parreira

Building collaborative HTML5 apps using a backend-as-a-service (BaaS)

  • Dave Arel
  • Belly

HTML5 Mobile Apps Don't Have To Suck

  • Chris Wilson
  • Google

Introduction to WebRTC

  • Nick Desaulniers
  • Mozilla

Always Bet on JS: A merger of the Browser and Operating System

  • Jon Ferraiolo
  • IBM

Mobile-first Cloud-first Graphics

  • Manish Garg
  • SAP Labs

HTML5 for enterprise apps

  • Jeremy Pullen
  • Cisco Systems

Writing HTML5 apps that run (almost) forever

  • Matt Harrington
  • Microsoft
Matt Harrington

Introduction to TypeScript: Application-scale JavaScript

  • Conrad Irwin
  • Bugsnag
Conrad Irwin

MongoDB, confessions of a PostgreSQL-lover

  • Elika J. Etemad
  • W3C
Elika J. Etemad

A Tale of Opposing Directions: Bidirectional Text in HTML and CSS

  • Doris Chen
  • Microsoft

Developing High Performance Sites and Modern Apps with JavaScript and HTML5

  • Ben Odom
  • Intel
Ben Odom

Environmental Sensors for Making app on phone

  • Colt McAnlis
  • Google

GZIP is not enough!

  • Douglas Schepers
  • W3C

W3C Panel with Q&A

  • Marcus Phillips
  • Hack Reactor

Javascript Simplified: The Cliff’s Notes (Training)

  • Tyler Smith
  • Intel

Creating Cross Platform Games with One HTML5 Code Base

  • Frank Greco
  • Kaazing

WebSocket Perspectives and Vision for the Future

  • Steve Newcomb
  • Famous revealed

  • Dan Lynch
  • Brandcast

Built to Last: scaling teams and technology

  • Alicia Liu
  • Lift (

Levelling Up in AngularJS

  • George McKinney
  • Zukini Mobile

Augmented Reality Mobile App Development

  • Marcus Krüger
  • Goo Technologies

Launching Goo Create - WebGL graphics made easy

  • Brenda Jin

Tips and Tricks for Tablet Optimization

  • Paul Trani
  • Adobe

5 Things Developers Need to Know About Design

  • Tony Parisi
  • VIZI

Developing Web Graphics with WebGL

  • Iker Jamardo
  • Ludei

WebGL: is it a game changer for web based game development?

  • Michael S. Mikowski
  • Qualaroo
Mike Mikowski

Make your SPAs Rock - Designing and testing quality SPAs

  • Simon Amarasingham
  • dSonic
Simon Amarasingham

Tricks to Make your Game/App Look Good...With Sound

  • Jonathan Leblanc
  • PayPal

Secure RESTful API Automation with JavaScript

  • Hampton Catlin
  • Moovweb

Building the Right Thing

  • Johnny Halife

Mastering the Build Process

  • Liyan Chang

Debugging Mobile Apps

  • Stephan Herhut
  • Intel

Concurrency and Parallel Computing in JavaScript

  • Ariya Hidayat
  • Sencha

JavaScript Insights

  • Ann Robson
  • Yammer

JavaScript Insights

  • Kevin Hoyt
  • Adobe

Physically Connecting the Web

  • Rob Dodson
  • Consultant

Web Components are the Revolution

  • Neil Trevett
Neil Trevett

Harnessing the Power of the GPU in Web Applications

  • Anant Narayanan
  • Firebase

Building JS APIs for Browsers

  • Diane Bisgeier
  • Mozilla

From Developer To Entrepreneur

  • Jina Bolton
  • Do

Realigning & Refactoring (Updated)

  • Paul Fischer
  • Intel

Intel HTML5 XDK overview + build process

  • Tomas Krcha
  • Adobe
Thomas Krcha

Turning Vector and Bitmap Graphics into Code

  • Daniel Austin
  • PayPal

Perspectives on the Evolution of HTML

  • Kyle Simpson
  • Getify

New Rules For JS

  • Jacob Rossi
  • Microsoft
Jacob Rossi

Immersive Interaction Experiences: Pointer Events, Panning & Zooming, and Gestures

  • Matt Kelly
  • ZURB


  • David Dailey
  • Slippery Rock University

Breaking the Rectilinear Mold, Spicing Up Our Communicative Choreography

  • Jen Kramer

Comparing Bootstrap & Foundation

  • Stewart Christie
  • Intel Corp

Notepad No More: Modern HTML5 Toolchains

  • Richard Key

Why You Should Try Node.js

  • Charlie Key
  • Modulus

Why You Should Try Node.js

  • Terry Ryan
Terry Ryan

Programming in CSS

  • Donald Lau
  • Yelp
Donald Lau

Parcelable Models on Android

  • Chris Griffith
  • Qualcomm

Introduction to PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build

  • Christopher Chedeau
  • Facebook

Image Layout Algorithms

  • Uri Sarid
  • Mulesoft
Uri Sarid

RAML - APIs By Design

  • Shailen Tuli
  • Google

Building tomorrow's web today using Polymer and Dart

  • Demian Borba
  • Blackberry

Creating High Performance Mobile Apps with HTML5

  • Darcy Clarke
  • Freelance

Web Content & Creative Constraints (W3Cs)

  • Jacques Lemordant
Jacques Lemordant

Mixed Reality Browsers and Pedestrian Navigation in Augmented Cities

  • Jeremy Lu
Jeremy Lu

Backbone Rocks - large scale single page app done right

  • Alessandro Alinone
  • Lightstreamer
Alessandro Alinone

More Than Just WebSockets for Real-Time Multiplayer Games and Collaboration

  • Dale Schouten
  • Intel
Dale Schouten

WebApp to DesktopApp with Node-Webkit

  • TJ VanToll
  • Telerik

Constraint Validation - Native Client Side Validation for Web Forms

  • Bryan Klimt
  • Parse

Stop Writing JavaScript by Hand: 7 Ways Transpiling Makes JavaScript Better

  • Grant Shipley
  • Red Hat

Full Stack JavaScript - From mobile to db and up to the cloud

  • Roy Sutton
  • LG Silicon Valley Lab

Web Components with Enyo

  • Dave Freeman
  • LG Silicon Valley Lab
Dave Freeman

Workshop: Design, Build and Deploy Cross-Platform

  • Stephen Blum
  • PubNub
Stephen Blum

A New Development Model for Real-Time Apps: Peer-to-Peer meets Authoritative Control

  • Richard Clark
  • Kaazing

Navigating HTML5 Development

  • Jarrod Overson
  • OneHealth

Continuous Delivery for JavaScript Applications

  • Adam Lehman
  • Adobe

Brackets: An Open Source Code Editor For the Web

  • Mehul Harry
  • Developer Express
Mehul Harry

Write once, deploy to multiple mobile platforms

  • Phill Simon
  • Mondo Studios

Developing branded mobile games using HTML5

  • Murad Bushnaq
Murad Bushnaq

Case Study: United Way’s Transition to Responsive Design Drives Collective Impact

  • Oliver Marsh
  • TreSensa

Developing branded mobile games using HTML5

  • Ian Johnson
  • Lever

Adventures in d3.js

  • Ken Sundermeyer
  • iControl Networks, Inc.

Using <canvas> to create great cross-platform UX

  • Adam Tuliper
  • Microsoft
Adam Tuliper

Making money with HTML/JavaScript Windows Store applications

  • Gregory Menvielle
  • Pyramedium

Need a better customer? Try Gamification! (it even works for enterprises!)

  • Ryan Jarvinen
  • Red Hat

MongoDB in the browser and Realtime application design with Meteor.js

  • Oswald Campesato
  • Swiftbot
Oswald Campesato

D3 Jump Start for Beginners

  • Sarah Drasner
  • Basho Technologies
Sarah Drasner

CSS Animation to Tell a Story

  • Eric Wing
  • Lanica
Eric Wing

Native Game Development with JavaScript

  • CJ Gammon
  • Adobe

Web + Wow

  • Jeff Burtoft
  • Microsoft

Web/Native: Blurring the Lines Between the Two

  • Dave Edelhart
  • Leap Motion
Dave Edelhart

Bridging Selenium and Node

  • Russell Beattie
  • Amazon
Russell Beattie

Optimizing HTML5 for Distribution on Mobile Devices

  • Mike Hines
  • Amazon
Mike Hines

Optimizing HTML5 for Distribution on Mobile Devices

  • Sumit Amar
  • Microsoft

Memory Management for Smooth Infinite-Scrolling

  • Alan Greenblatt
  • Adobe
Alan Greenblatt

SVG filters, CSS filters, & Blend modes

  • Alan Stearns
  • Adobe

Finally! Layout in CSS

  • Robert Schwentker
  • PayPal
Robert Schwentker

Building Payments into Android Apps

  • Pete Hunt
  • Instagram

React: Rethinking best practices™

  • Jason Cline
  • Sencha
Jason Cline

Space Exploration: APIs for Secure Interconnected HTML5 Applications with Sencha Space

  • Renato Iwashima
  • Yahoo
Renato Iwashima

Atomic CSS: Rethinking CSS best practices

  • Tony Phillips
  • Hackreactor


  • Jordan Santell
  • Mozilla

Browser Dance Party: Visualizing Audio with the Web Audio API

  • Dan Holmlund
  • Intel
Dan Holmlund

Secure Authentication without Passwords, Implementing SQRL

  • Michael Merchant
  • Codazen

Cross-browser Data Visualization with Canvas

  • Badri Rajasekar
  • TokBox

Face to Face video for fun and profit: Making WebRTC work in the real-world

  • Dmitry Baranovskiy
  • Adobe
Dmitry Baranovskiy

A Brand New JavaScript SVG Library For The Modern Web

  • Andrew Hyde Smith
  • Intel
Andrew Hyde Smith

Rapidly Creating Responsive and Attractive HTML5 Mobile User Experiences

  • Jasper Van de Gronde
  • University of Groningen

Web Graphics for Science

  • Christophe Coenraets
  • Adobe

Top 10 Performance Techniques for PhoneGap and Mobile Web App

  • Andrew Trice
  • Adobe
Andrew Trice

Getting Started with PhoneGap and Cross-Platform Mobile Development

  • Peter Christensen
  • Manilla

Robots, Circuits, and Drones, Oh My! Javascript for Makers

  • John Firebaugh
  • MapBox

building iD, a new editor for OpenStreetMap

  • Jacob Surber
  • Adobe
Jacob Surber

Responsive design with Edge Reflow"

  • Jeff Newman
  • Mobiquity
Jeff Newman

Recruiters: The Good, The Bad, and the Devious

  • Shawn Drost
  • Hack Reactor

Technical Challenges from Front-end Interviews

  • Gregor Aisch

Scale and Performance: Data Visualization In Modern Web Browsers

  • Cameron Lakenen
  • Box
Cameron Lekenen

Embedding complex SVGs into HTML

  • Nikos Andronikos
  • Canon Information Systems Research Australia

An Introduction to Diffusion Curves

  • Tavmjong Bah
  • Inkscape

SVG 2 For the Artist

  • Joshua Woodward
  • eBay

AngularJS and the Single Page Application (SPA)

  • Robert Fry
  • Office for National Statistics, UK

Transforming the presentation of official statistics

  • Sampumon Kaipainen
Sampumon Kaipiainen

SUPERHUB route planning w/ Leaflet.js, and D3.js

  • Alejandro Gutierrez
  • Adobe

Window to the Future: Explore HTML5 and CSS Visual Tooling Through the Eyes of Dreamweaver

  • Matti Paksula
  • AppGyver

Wrapping Your HTML5 with Native Wrappers

  • Miles McCrocklin
  • Bluenose Analytics
Miles McCrocklin

Designing Coordinated Visualizations

  • Scott Murray
  • University of San Francisco

Whatever Happened to “Augmenting Human Intellect”?

  • Cyril Concolato
  • Telecom ParisTech

Streaming SVG animations on the Web

  • Elijah Meeks
  • Stanford University Library

Combining Narrative, Model, and Information Visualization

  • Andrew Sledd
Andrew Sledd

A Component Based UI Tool Chain that Addresses the Challenges of Embedded UI

  • Michael Garrett
Michael Garrett

A tool for UI Application development

  • Kelley Nielsen
  • Salticid Software

Teapots Can Fly: 3D Graphics for Web Programmers


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