• Yurii Luchaninov
  • HTML/ JS/ Android Group Leader MobiDev
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Senior HTML/ JS/ Android developer and Team Lead at MobiDev. Was in Top 100 Android developers of the world in 2009. Active speaker at notable European IT conferences (droidcon, iforum, mdday etc.)


  • Optimizing the performance of mobile web apps
  • Time: 5:00pm - 5:50pm | Room: Pacific LM

The topic will be useful for everybody who works with JavaScript and HTML on mobile devices (mobile websites, hybrid apps, PhoneGap, native HTML5 (Ubuntu Touch, Tizen, FireFox OS))

The main questions that will be discussed:

Mobile Performance

  • File loading (data, js, css)
  • Ender tree optimization (reflow, repaint)
  • DOM optimization (excess DOM, custom events, DOM manipulation)
  • JS Optimization (GC, Object Pools)

We will talk about the key moments that should be considered while using JavaScript, HTML and CSS for mobile development; typical mistakes and the most appropriate methods.