Tony Parisi is an entrepreneur and career CTO/software architect. He has developed international standards and protocols, created noteworthy software products, and started and sold technology companies. Tony’s passion for innovating is exceeded only by his desire to build great products.

Tony is the co-creator of the VRML and X3D ISO standards for networked 3D graphics, and continues to innovate in 3D technology. Tony is the co-chair of the San Francisco WebGL Meetup, a founder of the Rest3D working group, and a member of the Khronos COLLADA working group creating glTF, the new file format standard for 3D web and mobile applications. Tony is also the author of O’Reilly Media’s first authoritative book on WebGL, WebGL Up and Running (2012), and the upcoming Programming 3D Applications in HTML5 and WebGL (O’Reilly 2013).

Tony is currently a partner in a stealth web media startup and has a consulting practice developing social games, game platforms and web applications for San Francisco Bay Area clients.


  • glam: a Declarative Language for 3D Web Content
  • Time: 2:30pm - 3:20pm | Room: Pacific D&K

WebGL brings amazing 3D graphics to the web. But to build even the simplest application requires JavaScript skills, a third-party toolkit, and fiddling with JSON. In their infinite wisdom, the developers of WebGL gave us unlimited power but no easy way to access it. There is no DOM, no markup, no CSS. It’s all on us, and it’s all a big pain.

Let’s say you want to put a spinning cube with photos on your web page. Using Three.js, you’re talking 40 lines of JavaScript code. Forty! There’s got to be a better way! What about good old markup and CSS? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to author that <cube> with zero lines of code, using tags like ? And be able to style and animate it using a style sheet?

glam (GL And Markup) is a new declarative language for creating 3D content in web pages. With glam, you can easily create a 3D application in markup, style it with CSS and program it, when needed, using standard DOM methods and events. No new toolkits to learn, no steep learning curve, and no fuss. glam is 3D development, web-style.

Join Tony Parisi, the guy who created the first declarative 3D language for the web, as he attempts to restore sanity to 3D development. Tony will describe the glam open source project, the 3D tag set and DOM API, integration with other web technologies, and its implementation and polyfills using Three.js, Web Components, and Google Polymer.