• Sirar Salih
  • Consultant Itera Norway
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Sirar Salih is an experienced consultant working at Itera Norway. He is VP at the Norwegian .NET User Group (NNUG) and board member of the Oslo chapter. He is also board member of the AngularJS Oslo user group. Sirar loves holding presentations and has experience from talking at NNUG, AngularJS community meetups and internally at the company that he works at. He also actively writes blog posts at his .NET/JavaScript blog (http://sirars.com/).


  • TDD with AngularJS and TypeScript
  • Time: 5:00pm - 5:50pm | Room: Bayview A

Writing clean, testable JavaScript can be a daunting task for front-end developers. Many find it difficult to get into and thus discard it. This leads to untested front-end code going into production, merely depending on manual human testing. The problem is, the human error factor plays a role here, and as humans we often tend to make mistakes. Bearing that in mind, not having test automation on JavaScript code can lead to trouble. Test automation is an essential part of modern web applications, especially when it comes to maintainability. In this talk, I show how easy and straightforward testable JavaScript code can be written. Practicing test driven development and combining the power of AngularJS and TypeScript. With the use of tools such as Jasmine, Karma test runner and Istanbul code coverage. And finally automating the whole process with TeamCity.

After the talk, you’ll know how to:

  • Practice test driven development with JavaScript
  • Combine AngularJS with TypeScript
  • Use AngularJS’ test design capabilities
  • Use JavaScript testing tools; Jasmine, Karma and Istanbul
  • Automate testing with TeamCity