• Ryan Anklam
  • Senior UI Engineer Netflix
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Ryan Anklam is a Senior UI Engineer at Netflix where is working on reinventing TV and continually improving the Netflix user experience. He has been developing for the web since JavaScript was mainly used for mouseover images and crude form validation. Ryan is also a passionate open source advocate and contributor.


  • Stop Making Excuses and Start Testing Your JavaScript!
  • Time: 5:00pm - 5:50pm | Room: Grand B
Most developers know that it's important to test their JavaScript, however there are a plethora of reasons why they don't. This session will give attendees the tools to get started with JavaScript unit testing. Attendees will learn: how to setup a testing environment, how to write testable JavaScript code, how to solve some common JavaScript testing issues such as testing the DOM, and how to save time by automating running tests with tools like, Grunt and Testem.