• Rodrigo Fernandez
  • Sr. Software Engineer Walmart Labs
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Rodrigo is a software engineer with @WalmartLabs in sunny San Diego. He coded for all sorts of languages, platforms and industries, but only wrote his first JavaScript program a couple of years ago. He is still fascinated about much room for learning and experimentation the Web platform continues to offer. Just because he is from Brazil, people believe he knows everything about soccer, samba and jiu-jitsu...


  • JavaScript powering the dream of the connected home
  • Time: 1:30pm - 2:20pm | Room: Pacific E&J

What if you could use JavaScript to control stuff in your home like lightning, garage doors, HVAC, TVs and audio systems? Although the most popular products and solutions like the Apple AirPlay, Google Chromecast and Nest Termostat rely on proprietary protocols, there are plenty of devices that support the UPnP standard, which should allow cross-vendor compatibility.

The W3C Device APIs Working Group released a draft of a JavaScript API for Network Service Discovery aiming those devices. Opera already released an experimental build that implements the proposed API which hopefully it would be soon supported by Firefox and Blink.

In this talk, we will know more about UPnP/DLNA and explore some of the possibilities to integrate them with our current technology stack. We will run some demos through experimental browsers and we will learn how to use Node.js and a Raspberry Pi to build a low-cost UPnP gateway to bridge the gaps for the current browsers and empower the audience to come up with their own crazy applications.