• Parris Khachi
  • Software Engineer Eventbrite
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Front-end Software Engineer at Eventbrite. Formerly at NetApp. Graduated from San Jose State. Author of https://npmjs.org/package/iz


  • Fast, bullet proof builds (taming grunt & npm)
  • Time: 1:30pm - 2:20pm | Room: Bayview A

The ability to deploy code should be predictable. Running your build should take no time when theres nothing to do. You should be able to split your code base up into as many components as possible to optimize reuse. With npm and grunt it is possible to achieve those goals, but not without lots of effort!

This talk will go through how Eventbrite:

  • Broke apart its monolithic Gruntfile
  • Wrote builds for a component based architecture
  • Set up a large build that takes nearly 5 seconds to run when there's nothing to do
  • Propped up a private npm registry and proxy using kappa, nginx and reggie