• Michael Dailly
  • Head of Development YoYo Games Ltd
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I started working at DMA Design almost 25 years ago, where I helped come up with, helped design and write some of the best know games of all time. From the first 3 Lemmings games to the incredibly successful Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2. After working at DMA for 10 years I moved to Visual Sciences to become head of R&D where I helped design tech for the PS1 and new PS2 consoles, before with writing the core graphics engine for the new XBox F1 game for EA. After that I spent 4 years writing various mobile games using J2ME before moving to Realtime Worlds to founded the "My World" project, and where my work was instrumental in RTW gaining around $80 million in investment. After 5 years there I then moved to YoYo Games to work on games and GameMaker, and where I continue to help push this well loved tool further than ever before.


  • Optimising your game with WebGL
  • Time: 9:00am - 9:50am | Room: Bayview B
Looking at how you can use both Static and Dynamic WebGL to push the performance of your 2D game, and how you can use shaders to give it some extra bling while also using their power to increase it even further.