• Mathew Groves
  • Technical Partner Goodboy Digital
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London based Mat Groves has been kicking around the internet making hot, award winning stuff for the last 10 years. He co-founded goodboy digital in 2013 as he wanted to really start pushing HTML5 to its limits. He also created the open source 2D rendering engine pixi.js - the fastest 2D renderer in town in an effort to help others (and himself!) push the boundaries of HTML5.


  • 2D or not 2D
  • Time: 5:00pm - 5:50pm | Room: Pacific D&K
THAT is the question! This talk will be all about the world of 2D on the web and how with today’s current HTML5 tech it can be pushed to create some stunning and unique creative opportunities. Technologies such as webGL can now do so much more than simply moving images around on the screen. Part of my interest in webGL is the idea of ‘subverting’ it from its ‘true’ 3D application. After all 3D is really such a load of well organised 2D shapes! This talk will explain and show examples of some of the cool effects and techniques that leverage the power of webGL to really kick 2D into the next dimension. Just not the third dimension ;)