• Kianosh Pourian
  • Founder/UI architect & consultant Cielo Concepts Inc.
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Kianosh Pourian is an user interface developer/UX and UI designer with 13+ years of experience in the web development industry. In the recent 5 years, he has worked as an independent contractor and UI Architect on variety of projects with a variety of clients. He is also an advocate of the open web and heavily involved the development community of Boston. As the organizer of CASCADE BOS (a meetup around CSS in Boston) and the co-author of an advanced book on Sass CSS named ‘Sass in Depth’, he believes in the open web and sharing his knowledge and experience with others. In his spare time, he enjoys coloring everything pink with his wife and two daughters.


  • Building a UI Framework from Scratch
  • Time: 11:40am - 12:30pm | Room: Pacific E&J

When you are tasked to build a web application, there is a number of decisions that need to be made in order to accomplish this task.

  • What JavaScript framework to use?
  • When to use third party plugins and when to create our own?
  • Who owns the design and styles?
  • Twitter bootstrap, foundation, or none?
  • How to set proper UI framework standards for all to follow?

This presentation is about the experience of not relying on major frameworks and building a UI framework by using parts of some frameworks and building custom components at other times. Also the presentation covers the reason behind some decisions, why AngularJS was used, how did we handle package management, how did we persuade an enterprise to adopt open source software mentality, etc...