• Johnny Halife
  • Chief Architect, Co-Founder Mural.ly
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I'm Johnny, Chief Architect from Mural.ly, a collaboration suite that enables creative teams to work better together. I've worked in a wide-variety of projects.

Prior starting with Mural.ly, I was a Partner Architect from a Software Company, and I got to design and build on things like Windows 8 OS, training material and many enterprise projects.

You can read more about me on my blog http://johnny.io or checkout my projects at http://github.com/johnnyhalife or http://github.com/tactivos


  • High Scalablity Lessons Learnt
  • Time: 11:40am - 12:30pm | Room: Pacific D&K
Throughout the talk we'll discuss the architecture we used for building Mural.ly (+280K users). We'll go in depth in each high level component and share the lessons learnt while building it.