• Ibon Tolosana
  • CTO Ludei inc.,
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Last 4 years as CTO at Ludei, working with javascript, c++, java, android, v8, jscore,... Author of several html5 games like sumon, ibasket, jumpy submarine, namek solitaire and others. Author of CAAT game engine, first on its breed in being able to render using CSS/DOM, Canvas and WebGL interchangeably.

Previously consultant in all-the-dirty-stuff-you-don't-like and entrepreneur at "Novoplay, the ubiquituous fun company"


  • WebGL for 2d gaming
  • Time: 4:00pm - 4:50pm | Room: Pacific N

This presentation will show some good practices, solution for gotchas and examples for building 2D games using WebGL technology.

The audience will be introduced to general concepts like batching, CanvasRenderingContext2D for webgl, dynamic geometry, and well as more general animation purpose ones like scene graph, director and key framing with a series of running examples that will showcase the power of WebGL on desktop and mobile devices.

The session will include a bit of hands-on coding, so some small examples will be modified to make them more appealing.

We will just scratch the surface but the atendee will get strong general concepts useful to build his next generation of webgl based games.