• Frederick Tubiermont
  • CEO adsy.me
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Frédérick, adsy's co-founder & CEO, designed in 2001 the first EU magazine dedicated to mobile entertainment, SMSMAG, distributed via street marketing teams, generating 4M+ downloads. He developed an innovative B2B service for real time correction of wrongly spelled logos/ringtones requests. The platform evolved to become a mobile contact centre, handling millions of txt-based requests. It gave birth to SMSCASH in 2005, the first txt-based consumer loan service, sold to Cofinoga in 2006 after grossing 15M euro of production. In 2008 Frédérick invested in a spin-off of ATC (managing The Boxer Rebellion,The Staves,Fink). In 2011 he realized his childhood dream by producing a circus show, Le Rêve d’Igor, running for 150+ performances. In 2013, he is back to mobile with adsy.me, the first mobile web app enabling anyone to create free mobile apps on their smartphone.


  • Seven reasons why the appstores are doomed (and how html5 can help)
  • Time: 11:40am - 12:30pm | Room: Pacific O

Initially Steve Jobs invited developers to create web 2.0 ajax apps on top of the safari browser, a few weeks before the iphone launch. Then in 2008 he did a 180° turn and opened the native appstore. Why ? Simply because the technology (browsers, devices) & the networks weren’t ready (and also because the 30% appstore cut would become a nice revenue line).

At that time, in 2008, Steve Jobs was right from a commercial point of view. But what about today & tomorrow?

My speech will address the 7 main reasons why I think the appstores are doomed in the long run.