• Frank Greco
  • Director of Technology - Kaazing Corporation
  • Twitter
Frank is responsible for guiding customers with new technology approaches that leverage the value of extending application protocols over the web and explaining how the new web communications stack is a key component of an enterprise architecture, particularly cloud, mobile and IoT infrastructures. Frank has deep experience in enterprise IT projects for over 15 years and has worked on global architecture, grid/cloud computing, innovative user interfaces, mobile computing and collaborative financial systems. Frank has been named a "Java Champion" by Oracle/Sun and chairs the NYJavaSIG (largest in North America) and the NYHTML5 User Groups.


  • WebSocket - Past, Present and Future
  • Time: 2:30pm - 3:20pm | Room: Grand A

The shining gem in the treasure chest of new Web functionality is WebSocket. With the advent of this disruptive innovation, the world now has a persistent, high-performance connection that does not require anyone to open ports other than 80 and 443.

This IETF-ratified protocol and W3C-blessed API effectively give us a "TCP for the Web" that is as secure as HTTPS with the native performance of a client-server system on a LAN. Your DevOPS and InfoSEC friends will remain your friends when you use WebSocket in your applications!

WebSocket is an engine for innovation that will make traditional web applications significantly more dynamic and allow novel bi-directional, event-based services to be developed and deployed for all types of devices.

This talk will start with a brief history of WebSocket, its current state, what is needed for production development and deployments. We will then discuss some possibilities for the real-time web future and show some wicked cool demos.