• Erin Swenson-Healey
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Originally from some unremarkable hillbilly town outside of Seattle, by way of Copán Ruinas, Honduras Erin now lives in Southern California where he slings code for Carbon Five. He is a regular contributor to the Carbon Emitter (http://blog.carbonfive.com/author/erin/), writing about JavaScript, Ruby, and software architecture. He is a self-described soccer fanatic (go Sounders!) and (generally) nice dude.


  • Hanging Up On Callbacks: Generators in ECMAScript 6
  • Time: 10:40am - 11:30am | Room: Pacific E&J
While the JavaScript event loop and asynchronous callbacks provide a powerful, easy-to-understand concurrency model - writing applications in continuation-passing style introduces problems of legibility, exception management, and composability. With the introduction of generators in the ECMAScript 6 Draft Specification, programmers can continue to leverage the power of the single-threaded event loop while writing expressive, simple code in a direct, top-down style.