• David Alfaro
  • Latinamerica Operations Chief AgilityFeat
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I am a technology information businessman. Software engineering is my profession. Programming is my passion. Delivering value is what keeps me awake at night. Being two steps ahead is what I do best.

I introduced the formalization of Agile processes and methodologies in Costa Rica. I have trained tons of companies in Scrum, Kanban and Test-Driven Development.

After many years of training, I decided to apply my technical knowledge and my people skills in my own software development company. I joined forces with Arin Sime to make of Agilityfeat the best software product boutique of the region. We harness brilliant software developers from Costa Rica and Nicaragua [we call them Commandos] to deliver software solutions to our customers in America.


  • Six Months with WebRTC
  • Time: 9:00am - 9:50am | Room: Pacific O
WebRTC allows for a simple way to include real time video and audio communications directly in the browser with no plugins needed - only javascript. This bleeding edge part of the HTML5 standard has lots of applications from video chats to encrypted P2P data exchanges, but it is bleeding edge. In this interactive session, our team will share the best practices we've learned from a coding and UX perspective so that you can reduce your learning curve.