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Dan Lynch is a skateboarding entrepreneur from Michigan with deep roots in design and engineering. He has over a decade of software experience from studying graphics and working at Side Effects Software to co-founding Famo.us and building their original product before returning to school to complete a Masters in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. Dan continues his involvement in forming a research group at Berkeley focused on his digital publishing platform, mathapedia.com, while cementing his role as an industry leader during regular appearances at conferences like Siggraph, the HTML5 developer conference, and the Good Internet Conference. Brandcast allows Dan to continue working on his mission to build tools that help people create new experiences and express themselves.


  • Large-scale end-to-end JavaScript
  • Time: 1:30pm - 2:20pm | Room: Grand A
Utilize various programming patterns to streamline development of a 100% JavaScript tech stack, end-to-end, with node.js on the backend. We'll cover data modeling and code sharing on client and server, as well as automatic API generation for resources with meta-programming. We'll dive into modules and components designing a scalable, state-based, front-end application architecture, synthesizing a number of programming patterns to keep your product agile and moving forward.