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Ben Farrell is a Design Technologist at GE. His past projects have earned many awards including 3 Emmys. Ben loves diving into technologies he knows nothing about and conquering them to do his bidding.

Ben tries to be a web developer, but there are so many things that he'd love to do and the browser says no. That's why he's finding Node.js to be such a great platform for making a Kinect based musical instrument, a music aggregator, and any other random things that he'd like to try.


  • Creative Node.js
  • Time: 1:30pm - 2:20pm | Room: Grand B

Node.js is getting extremely popular for creating web applications lately. It's not just a server-side technology, though. Node.js is really a platform for making awesome stuff that has nothing to do with serving web pages.

I'll look at how to use Node.js for creative endeavors. Yes, we can talk Grunt, Less, and Bower for web development, but I'll gloss over those tools and jump straight to building desktop applications with Node WebKit, 3D sensing cameras, Bluetooth hardware, and other fun things.

Node.js offers endless possibilties, not just because of Javascript, but also because of the ability to use existing libraries or command line tools. I'll cover both and speak a little bit about creating your own Node add-on in C++ to tap into the power of your favorite library.

In the end, I hope to inspire folks to use Node as creative platform for graphics, graphical applications, and interacting with the physical world.