• Ash Blue
  • Game Developer Clever Crow Games
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Ash's development career started as a hobby, which turned into a freelance career taking jobs from anywhere he could find them. Years later he climbed the tech industry to work on major companies such as Hasbro and Hitachi. Recently he co-authored HTML5 in Action under Manning Publications where he wrote on game development. These days Ash is working on complex HTML5 RPGs with his wife Rachel through their company Clever Crow Games.


  • AI Pathfinding for JavaScript Developers
  • Time: 9:00am - 9:50am | Room: Bayview A
With the growing number of HTML5 games and applications its important for web developers to understand basic AI algorithms. In this session I'll cover the golden pathfinding solution known as A* (A Star). This will teach you how to make items move from any point on the screen to another while avoiding obstacles. The algorithm will be covered step-by-step in JavaScript so you'll know enough to create your own custom AI pathfinding solutions.