• Arin Sime
  • Co-founder AgilityFeat
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Arin Sime is editor of RealTimeWeekly, a round up of the best content on WebRTC and real time messaging technologies. Arin and David Alfaro are the founders of custom development firm AgilityFeat, which has built real time communication applications for logistics, education, and training industries. Our team is authoring an upcoming book on the development of WebRTC and real time messaging applications.


  • Six Months with WebRTC
  • Time: 9:00am - 9:50am | Room: Pacific O
WebRTC allows for a simple way to include real time video and audio communications directly in the browser with no plugins needed - only javascript. This bleeding edge part of the HTML5 standard has lots of applications from video chats to encrypted P2P data exchanges, but it is bleeding edge. In this interactive session, our team will share the best practices we've learned from a coding and UX perspective so that you can reduce your learning curve.