• Ali Alabbas
  • Program Manager, Microsoft
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Ali is a Program Manager on the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft Corporation. He manages the end-to-end scenarios that involve browser storage: IndexedDB, AppCache, Web Storage, and File API. He is a member of the W3C web applications working group and will be co-editing the second iteration of the IndexedDB spec.


  • Offline Web Applications: Web Storage, IndexedDB, AppCache, File API, and their futures
  • Time: 1:30pm - 2:20pm | Room: Pacific N

Web Applications are in an age where they look and feel like native applications. Yet, many of these beastly web applications seem to be reined in by one major obstacle: they require an internet connection. This catastrophic hindrance has taken the web app community by storm and leaves us pondering a simple question: how on earth do we get them to work more like their native equivalents which are not vexed by this very limitation? This talk will explore just how we can catapult web apps into a new era by enabling offline scenarios so we can level the playing field with those all-powerful native applications. We will discuss the mobile-friendly APIs backing these offline scenarios – Web Storage, IndexedDB, AppCache, and File API – and what they have to offer for both web apps and web sites. In addition, we will discuss where these individual APIs are headed in the future and how we can expect them to flourish and support much richer experiences.