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Second Floor Third Floor
Metropolitan I Metropolitan II Metropolitan III Olympic Concordia Franciscan I&II Stanford City
9am - 9:50am Doug Crockford Keynote - What would Crockford Do? Overflow
10am - 10:50am Giorgio Sardo, Ben Savage - Cut the Rope & Perfmarks Oswald Capesato - CSS3 3D, canvas, SVG animations Sean Hess - Deploy node.js app and not get fired Ray Matsil - Getting Started: Designing HTML5 Web Apps Makis Tacend - OReply & INvaders United Phil Leggetter - Real Time Applications in the Wild
11am - 11:30am
11:30am - 12:30am Stephen Woods - Creating Responsive HTML5 Touch Interfaces Andrew Betts - Future of the mobile web Arvind Jain & Sreeram Ramachandran - Web Perfomance and HTML5 Karl Bunyan - HTML5 Game Design Daniel Holmlund - Monetization with QR Codes & HTML5 Zeke Sikelianos - Benefits of CoffeeScript Judy Tuan - rendering 3D in WebGL, SVG, canvas Nick Granado - How to "Inspect Element" on Mobile
12:30am - 1pm
1pm - 2pm Doris Chen - Practical HTML5: Using It Today Kyle Simpson - HTML5 JavaScript On Crack Kiran Prasand - Cross Platform Mobile and Web Mauvis Ledford - Responsive Design with Backbone.js Assaf Benjamin - Inneractive Monetization Tom Hughes Croucher - Using Node.js to make HTML5 work for everyone Philip Deschaine - the Reload Button is Obsolete Ashvin Radiya - Build Enterprise Mobile Apps
2pm - 3pm Adam Crabtree - Streams in node.js Vincent Hardy - CSS Shaders - Features and Security Bosco So - Real Life Lessons with HTML5, JS & Phonegap Inderjeet Singh - Multiplayer Gaming Using HTML5 Brian Lonsdorf - Functional Programming Philip Deschaine - the Reload Button is Obsolete Eddie Monge - Responsive Web Design
3pm - 4pm Tony Parisi - WebGL for Game Development Ilya Grigorik - Building Faster HTML5 Pages & Services Estelle Weyl - Select This! Ibon Tolosona & Iker Jamardo - Mobilize Javascript HTML5 games Ian Maffet - Defragging HTML5 In-App Purchasing Peter Moskovits - Living apps with HTML5 WebSockets Eric Tai - Building a Backend for your HTML5/JS App in Minutes Sachin Anand - Best Practices with JQuery Mobile
4pm - 5pm Shay Howe - HTML5 and the improved semantics involved Crystal Ball Panel - Adobe, Microsoft, YouWeb, Google look into our future Jeremy Kahn - 0 to 60 Animating the Web DeVaris Brown - Native and HTML5 performance when co-exising Vineet Sharma - Real In-App Monetization for HTML5 Games Misko Hevery - AngularJS: HTML Enhanced for Web Apps! Parashuram Narasimhan - Client Side Storage Julien & Soumow Dollon - HTML5 for metro apps on Windows 8 tablet
5pm - 6pm Tim Kim - Building Cross Platform Mobile Applications with PhoneGap Matt Kelly - Rapidly Prototyping for Multiple Devices Giorgio Sardo - Cut the Rope in more depth and Metro Martin Wells - Lessons Learned During Playcraft Engine Creation Raj Lai - Accessible Design For Disabilities with HTML5 Brian Noguchi & Nate Smith - Derby.js Collaborative Realtime Apps Mathieu Baudet - Building rich HTML5 applications in Opa Suyash Joshi - Mobile Web Debugging and Performance
6pm - 7pm