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Douglas Crockford

Douglas Crockford. World renowned JavaScript expert and author of 'JavaScript: The Good Parts,' creator of JSLInt and discoverer of JSON. He is a member of Ecma TC39, the committee in charge of standardizing JavaScript. We are thrilled Douglas is back, this time to talk about "What would Crockford Do?". When in doubt we suggest you find out some of his tips on the road to acquiring your own coding halo or locking horns in discussion with others. It's a new talk outline from him so be prepared for something possibly divine. Image credit Web Directions

Session: What Would Crockford Do?

Arvind Jain

Arvind Jain Director of Enginering at Google. Arvind is responsible for making Google products fast and also runs its "Make the Web faster" initiative. He also helped establish the W3C's Web Performance Working Group and co-chairs it. In the past, he helped build the Youtube video serving system and Googlebot.

Session: Web Perfomance and HTML5

Giorgio Sardo

Giorgio Sardo Sr. Evangelism Manager at Microsoft. Giorgio is a popular speaker worldwide and he is the mind behind several HTML5 applications and games available in the Windows 8 store, as well as the famed port to HTML5 Cut the Rope. Giorgio has promised us some special code snippets just for this conference.

Session: Behind the Scenes of "Cut the Rope"

Ben Savage

Ben Savage Co-Founder of Game developers tend to always be pushing the edge of performance of new technologies and HTML5 is no exception. Ben's team at game engine recently did performance testing across android and iOS and caused a stir with the results. Among other things there was often a huge 3x difference in iOS and android on HTML5 for tablets and phones on comparable hardware. Could lack of updates of webkit on Android by most vendors be one culprit? In any case devs have to be aware of the difference. Ben will bring the latest numbers with more results. He will also talk about some of the upcoming challenges of resizing graphics on different platforms and strategies for that. Photo by FranksVilli.

Kiran Prasad

Kiran Prasad Director of Engineering Mobile at LinkedIn. Focused on investigating, innovating, designing and executing solutions to make it easier for people to communicate. Mobile Computing in particular is something that is of growing importance in our social culture. Kiran's goal is to build devices, software and services to help deliver solutions that make peoples' lives more efficient and more enjoyable.

Session: Building Cross Platform Mobile Native App + Mobile Web: How LinkedIn Does It

Vincent Hardy

Vincent Hardy Principal Scientist Web Standards at Adobe Systems, CSS Working Group, FX Task Force, SVG Working Group.Vincent currently works on CSS shaders, CSS regions, CSS exclusions, and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Prior to joining Adobe, Vincent worked at Oracle on graphical, interactive, and animated user interfaces in the field of business intelligence, helping make large sets of complex data visually understandable to help users navigate data sets more easily, detect trends, or find anomolies. Vincent contributed to the development of the SVG specification and its version for mobile devices, SVG Tiny. He chaired the Compound Documents Format (CDF) effort in W3C. Vincent has a passion for graphical design.

Session: CSS Shaders - Features and Security

HTML5 Crystal Ball

Expert Crystal Ball Session

Peter Relan is returning this year along with Adobe's Vincent Hardy, Google's Ilya Grigorik and Microsofts's Giorgio Sardo to give us a glimpse into the future of HTML5.

Tom Hughes-Croucher

Tom Hughes-Croucher Jetpacks for Dinosaurs, WebMobi. Tom is a Web application specialist, with a particular focus on performance. He recently worked at Joyent on the Node.js team, and is the author of the O'Reilly book "Up and Running with Node.js". He has also had extensive experience working with high performance web sites, including the Yahoo! homepage. Previously, Tom has worked with many leading companies and organisations in the US and UK such as Walmart, Yahoo!, NASA, MySpace, Tesco, UK Channel 4 and Three Telecom. He speaks extensively around the world at a number of the leading web conferences, and has also contributed to several standards for recognized standards bodies such as the World Wide Web Consortium and the British Standards Institute.

Andrew Betts

Andrew Betts Founder of Assanka, a web development firm in London, UK that was recently acquired by the Financial Times. Yes the Financial Times is the company that famously thumbed it's nose at the app store. He now heads the FT's emerging web technology team, which is responsible for projects such as the FT Web App, and recently won Best Mobile Innovation for Publishing at Mobile World Congress. He's been a JavaScript and PHP developer for over a decade.

Session: We've got a website for that: The FT Web App and the future of the mobile web

Tony Parisi

Tony Parisi Entrepreneur and Career CTO/Architect. Tony has developed international standards and protocols, created noteworthy software products, and started and sold technology companies. Tony’s passion for innovating is exceeded only by his desire to bring coolness and fun to the broadest possible audience. Tony is perhaps best known for his work as a pioneer of 3D standards for the web. He is the co-creator of VRML and X3D, ISO standards for networked 3D graphics. Tony continues to build community around innovations in 3D as the co-chair of the WebGL Meetup and a founder of the Rest3D working group. Tony is also the author of the upcoming O’Reilly Media book, WebGL Up and Running. Tony is currently a partner in a stealth online gaming startup and has a consulting practice developing social games, virtual worlds and location-based services for San Francisco Bay Area clients.

Session: WebGL for Game Development

Ilya Grigorik

Ilya Grigorik Software Engineering Manager, Google Analytics at Google. Ilya Grigorik is a web performance engineer, an open-source evangelist, an analytics geek, and a proverbial early adopter of all things digital. He is currently working with the "Make the Web Fast" team to, well, do exactly that. Prior to this, Ilya helped lead the development of social analytics reporting within Google Analytics, an effort he began with his team back at PostRank, which was acquired by Google.

Session: Building Faster HTML5 Pages & Services

Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson Co-founder at HubAustin Coworking and "Everything" at Getify Solutions. Kyle Simpson is a JavaScript Systems Architect from Austin, TX. He focuses on JavaScript, web performance optimization, and "middle-end" application architecture. If something can't be done in JavaScript or web stack technology, he's probably bored by it. He runs several open-source projects, including LABjs, HandlebarJS, and BikechainJS.

Session: HTML5 JavaScript On Crack

Karl Bunyan

Karl Bunyan Lead Developer at GSN. GSN has quietly become one of the top 10 social/mobile game makers in the world. Karl can’t stop himself from creating and building games and loves messing around in JavaScript. He still has a collection of 8-bit cassette games at home (although no hardware to run them on). As console technology has progressed Karl has gone further back to basics with a growing collection of board and card games. In the small gaps between gaming and programming he can sometimes be found motorbiking around the countryside or pretending to be able to ride a horse. He insists on spelling everything the English way.

Session: A Holistic Approach to HTML Game Design & Development

Doris Chen

Dr. Doris Chen Developer Evangelist at Microsoft. Doris has over 13 years of experience in the software industry working in several open source web tier technologies. Doris will create a new talk for this year on the practical approaches and tools for using HTML5 that works across browsers old and new, web and mobile

Practical HTML5: Using It Today

Frank Greco

Frank D. Greco Director of Technology for Kaazing Corporation, and responsible for the Kaazing cloud computing strategy. He enjoys guiding customers with new technology approaches that leverage the value of extending application protocols over the web and how the new web communications stack is a key component. Frank has deep experience in IT projects for over 15 years and has worked on global architecture, grid/cloud computing, innovative user interfaces and mobile computing. Frank chairs the NYHTML5 User Group.

Frank will be taking part in the Expert Crystal Ball Session

Sreeram Ramachandran

Sreeram Ramachandran Google. Sreeram works on making Chrome and search faster at Google, as part of the "Make the web fast" initiative. He has also developed tools and services to help identify the latency of webpages and improve them. He has a keen interest in understanding the state of the web, and how it evolves over time. Prior to this, he worked on improving search quality and ranking at Google. His will be doing a talk with Arvind Jain also of Google.

Session: Web Perfomance and HTML5

Estelle Weyl

Estelle Weyl Sr. Front End Engineer at Standardista. Estelle is an HTML developer with 8 years of experience coding valid, cross-browser, semantic, search engine friendly, accessible XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. Author of the blog CSS, JavaScript and XHTML Explained ( and community expert at She has experience integrating PHP, Java, Ruby, Python and AJAX functionality.

Session: Select This! Pick and element, any element and style it. No ids. No Classes. No JQuery necessary.

Zeke Sikelianos

Zeke Sikelianos Designer/Developer at Wordnik. As both a designer and a programmer, Zeke strives to produce work that is both aesthetically and functionally conscious. He enjoys working in stimulating environments with people who are passionate about what they do. Zeke would like his efforts to inspire people creatively and intellectually.

Session: The Benefits of Coffeescript

Zeke was a no heads up no-show at the conference, we hope he is ok

Jeremy Kahn

Jeremy Kahn YouTube. Jeremy works on the front lines of the YouTube Webdev team by day, and pushes commits to his open source projects on Github by night. He loves building beautiful websites and lightning fast JavaScript libraries. Jeremy grew up near Chicago and studied game development, but decided instead to pursue a career in web development.

Session: 0 to 60: Animating the Web

Ibon Tolosana & Iker Jamardo

Ibon Tolosana & Iker Jamardo Ludei. Ibon Tolosana, currently is the CTO at Ludei and creator of CAAT(canvas animation library). He is an Ex-entrepreneur, ex-consultant, and pure doer, he loves everything related to web, canvas, usability and programming languages Iker Jamardo, Lead Developer at Ludei, is responsible for the HAL and architecture behind the CocoonJS technology, he is a passionate software engineer and former university professor.

Session: Mobilize Javascript HTML5 games to iOS & Android using CocoonJS

Adam Crabtree

Adam Crabtree Senior Software Engineer at HP webOS. Adam Crabtee works on node.js supporting the Enyo.js framework. He runs BayNode, and founded Dallas.node. He authored an asynchronous trycatch library for node.js, and is working to bring package management to the browser via tiki.js. Currently, he is working on Hermes, a pluggable VFS back-end and API for Ares, the Enyo.js browser-based IDE. Find him at @CrabDude and infrequently at

Session: Functional programming with Streams in Node.js

Daniel Holmlund

Daniel Holmlund Software Engineer at Intel. A developer of both mobile and server web applications since 2003, Daniel started as C++ network server developer at a Silicon Valley startup, developed Java currency transaction servers at Bank of America, and then volunteered for 4 years as a web application developer with a French non-profit interested in electronic books and literacy. Daniel joined Intel in Nov. 2010 to assist developers creating applications for mobile computers and Ultrabooks distributed through the Intel® AppUpSM center. Daniel enjoys learning about and discussing the intersection of society and technology, high-availability systems and artificial intelligence. Daniel is lives in Portland, OR with his wife, and is the proud father of two children.

Sponsored Session: Monetization with QR Codes and HTML5 on Ultrabooks™

Shay Howe

Shay Howe User Interface Engineer at Groupon. A little goes a long way. Visionary and professional design goes an astronomical way! Shay specializes in interactive design, visual communication, and corporate identity, and works to deliver visible solutions by way of clean and creative design.

Session: HTML5 and all of the improved semantics involved with it

Stephen Woods

Stephen Woods Senior Frontend Engineer at Flickr. User-focused web developer specializing in building fast, engaging user interfaces. Javascript expert, Stephen understands the standards and where they fail.

Session: Creating Responsive HTML5 Touch Interfaces

Inderjeet Singh

Inderjeet Singh Founder and the chief technical honcho at Trymph Inc. Prior to Trymph, Inderjeet held senior engineering positions at Google and Sun Microsystems. Inderjeet is the primary author of two books on design of server-side applications and services, as well as several popular open-source projects. Inderjeet holds an M.S. in Management Science from Washington University in Saint Louis, and a B.Tech. in computer science and engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Session: Multiplayer Gaming Using HTML5

Bosco So

Bosco So CTO at Pingwell deploys mobile apps backed by computer vision & machine learning to extract data from physical sources, and collect that information for Big Data. Bosco has extensive experience in software & web engineering. In addition to developing major desktop products in C and C++, he also built web projects in Ruby-on-Rails, Java Servlets/JSP/Struts, ASP.NET, Perl, PHP, and server-side JavaScript. Bosco has worked in diverse sectors: research, movie production, non-profit, consumer startup, publishing, and econometrics. Prior to his current startup endeavor, he was at Orange Labs San Francisco, Clever Machine,, Switchouse, Arizona Republic, Ziff Computer Library, and DRI. In his most recent project, Bosco built API servers delivering content to a variety of mobile and console devices, including iPad, Roku, Nintendo Wii, and Connected TVs. After graduating from MIT, Bosco taught high school for two years in Liberia, West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer. In more recent years, he lived in Ghana training software professionals in leading edge web technologies as a Geekcorps volunteer.

Session: Real Life Lessons in HTML5, JavaScript, and PhoneGap

Sean Hess

Sean Hess Co-founder of i.TV, which is dedicated to improving the TV experience by helping viewers discover content, control their home theater, and satisfy their curiosity and need to interact while watching. Sean has spent years training teams and working with companies to solve hairy problems on a several different platforms. An avid generalist, he loves learning and exploring new technology. He blogs at

Session: How to deploy a Node.js App to Production (And Not Get Fired)

Oswald Campesato

Oswald Campesato. Oswald is an education junkie: a former PhD Candidate in Mathematics (ABD), with 4 Master's and 2 Bachelor's degrees. In a previous career he worked in South America, Italy, and the French Riviera, which enabled him to travel to 60 countries throughout the world. He has worked in American and Japanese corporations and start-ups, from C/C++ and Java developer to CTO. He's working in a stealthy start-up in the mobile space, and he writes graphics code for fun. He's comfortable in four languages and aspires to become proficient in Japanese some time in the next two decades. He enjoys collaborating with people who share his passion for learning the latest cool stuff, and he's currently working on his seventh book, which covers HTML5.

Session: CSS3 3D Animation, HTML5 Canvas, and SVG

Makis Tracend

Makis Tracend Technical Lead and Co-Founder of K&D Interactive. With a background in theoretical studies and a career as a web developer that spans from corporate to agencies since the late 90s, it's become a life passion to adopt new web technologies and pursue innovative uses of familiar concepts like dynamic data and interactive experiences. Avid gamer, spends most of his free time surrounded by creative art forms like video games, electronic music and movies.

Session: OReply & Invaders United

Tim Kim

Tim Kim PhoneGap Champ/Developer Relations at Adobe. Tim is a software engineer from Adobe/Nitobi that works on the PhoneGap/Cordova project. Having been part of the PhoneGap for over three years, Tim now considers himself a JS enthusiast and a beer drinker. When Tim is not coding, he considers StarCraft and wasting time on the internet as his favourite hobbies. Twitter handle: @timkim

Session: Building Cross Platform Mobile Applications with PhoneGap

Brian NoguchiNate Smith

Brian Noguchi & Nate Smith Derby.js. Brian Noguchi is a software engineer and co-author of Derby and Racer. He is also the author of everyauth, a Node.js auth library, and a co-author of mongoose, a popular MongoDB ORM for Node.js. From 2007 to 2009, he was a co-founder and CTO of Trendessence, which developed machine-learning powered tools for companies looking to expand their Twitter presence. He graduated from Stanford with a degree in Mathematical and Computational Sciences, where he focused on machine learning.

Session: Derby.js

Misko Hevery

Miško Hevery Sr. Computer Scientist at Google. Author of Angular and js-test-driver. Previously he worked at Adobe, Sun Microsystems, Intel, and Xerox, where he became an expert in building web applications in web related technologies such as Java, JavaScript, Flex and ActionScript. Miško will present Angular.js "Superheroic JavaScript MVC Framework AngularJS proposes to be what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building web-apps.

Session: HTML Enhanced for Web Apps!

Peter Moskovits

Peter Moskovits Technology and Developer Evangelist at Kaazing.

Session: Building Living Web Applications with HTML5 WebSockets

Mauvis Ledford

Mauvis Ledford Co-Founder, HTML5 Mobile Specialist at BrainSwap. Formerly of Tapulous and Disney Mobile. Mauvis is a full-stack developer specializing in the realm of front-end (HTML5, CSS3, JS) whose job is to build it, make it scale, and make it beautiful. His focus is on web applications, from prototyping to front-end-refactoring, optimizing headers, analyzing security, patching XSS and XSRF holes, compressing and minifying with shell scripts, automating redundant tasks, and creating beautiful and efficient user experiences.

Session: Responsive design with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and BackboneJS

Russell Middleton

Russell Middleton VP Support and Services at

Also spent years at as a Web solutions engineer at Google.

Session: Building responsive HTML5-based native apps

Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly Lead Rails Engineer at ZURB and HotChalk Inc. Born into a world gone mad with Java, and the promise of order and civilization brought at the hands of object oriented programming, Matt went down to the river of PHP to be reborn. But alas, these were false gods. Although fast and thread safe, his web applications were still in chaos. SQL injection was rampant, models views and controllers all co-mingled in a shanty town they named index.php. In the midst of a battle between the strongly and weakly typed languages Matt fled town, seeking something wholesome and good. It was then that he found Ruby on Rails, a shinning beacon of hope. Bet that wasn't what you expected and yes his talk is funny too and highly recommended. Matt's talk is on Interaction Design Engineering for JavaScript.

Session: Rapidly Prototyping for Multiple Devices with Foundation

Matt Kelly

Brian Lonsdorf Web Developer at Trnsfr. Brian is an evil mastermind looking to poison the hearts and minds of millions. He is a seasoned spammer who needs your help to stash a few thousand big ones in your account while he flees the country. He is a black hat SEO artist, a starter of flame wars, and a reddit troll who's left a mean comment on your comment. He's been caught lurking in the ruby, javascript, and haskell communities for some time now.

Session: Functional Programming

Ashvin Radiya

Ashvin Radiya President and CTO of AvantSoft Inc. and Organizer of in Bay Area, CA. Ashvin's current focus is on delivering high quality HTML5, Hybrid, and Native mobile apps on phones and tablets. For the last 15 years, he has been an entrepreneur starting Avantsoft, EclipseUniversity, EZPrintTool, and ConnectSpan. He has developed partnerships with high profile companies such as IBM, Freescale, Corporate Express, HP, BEA, and Sencha. He has worked at IBM. He has expertise in Mobile and Cloud Applications, Ext JS, Sencha Touch, Eclipse Plugins, and Java. He studied at IIT, Mumbai and Syracuse University.

Session: How to build cool Enterprise Mobile Apps

Ray Matsil

Ray Matsil UI Designer at InfoStretch Corp. Ray is a User Experience Designer with over 4 years of experience designing consumer and enterprise interfaces. He has a proven track record of reducing usability issues by utilizing comprehensive knowledge of research and design methods. He is a skilled designer with the ability to take design concepts and produce high fidelity mock ups and prototypes.

Session: Getting Started: Designing HTML5 Web Apps

Assaf Benjamin

Assaf Benjamin VP Business Development at Inneractive. Assaf joined inneractive to run the USA, Silicon Valley-based office. Located in San Mateo, Assaf is well acquainted with the advertising worldever since an ad was either only on TV, radio or a newspaper. After managing strategic account groups at McCann-Erickson, DDB and others, Assaf has successfully led marketing and business development at StarHome (working with mobile operators), M-Systems (acquired by SanDisk for $1.7 Billion) and SanDisk (at the Mobile Retail Division, contributing to $750M of revenues a year). In the past few years, Assaf has led US operations and penetration for startups like eMazeU (sold to Zoran), United Parents, Giraffic, CmyCasa and others. At inneractive, Assaf’s main focus is to share with publishers, ad networks, agencies and pretty much anyone who wants to listen –inneractive's customers love partnering and collaborating with inneractive. The US office provides publishers and ad networks with close, personal support, all the way from first contact and up until the monthly check they get from inneractive. Assaf and his team are there to spread the word, but also to constantly learn and understand what is important to help inneractive's customers optimize their mobile apps monetization – and what would be the easiest way to do so. In his free time, Assaf thinks of work, but the things he loves include playing Squash and basketball, riding BMW motorcycles and watching his kids laugh.

Sponsored Lightning Talk Session

Ian Maffett

Ian Maffett author of the new jqMobi HTML5 user interface library, and mobile payments expert. Ian Maffett has been building web applications for over ten years. His main goal was to avoid client side development, focusing on server side performance and security. In 2009, he discovered it was possible to write apps for his wife's iPod Touch using HTML and JavaScript only. After joining appMobi in 2010, his focused turned to UI performance on mobile devices and helping the average Joe create native applications. After realizing the serious performance issues on his Android-based smartphone, Ian created the jqMobi UX library to remedy the situation.

Sponsored Session: Defragging HTML5 In-App Purchasing

Vineet Rajosi

Vineet Rajosi Sharma Sr. Director, Product Management at PlayPhone, Inc. Vineet has 12+ years of experience in the mobile gaming industry and in his current role is responsible for PlayPhone's product strategy, definition, differentiation, and delivery of Playphone's Social Gaming Network. Vineet has been a early believer in HTML5 gaming and was instrumental in the successful launch of several HTML5 games on PlayPhone's network this year. Vineet completed his master’s degree at IIT Delhi, India in 2000, and has lived and worked in US, Spain and China. At Telefónica Móviles (Movistar) in Spain, Vineet launched the first ever mobile java games delivery platform. At Motorola in China, Vineet spent 4 years launching several premium mobile content services, working closely with carriers in Greater China and South East Asia.

Session: Real In-App Monetization for HTML5 Games

Raj Lal

Raj Lal Senior Engineer, Advanced Development at Nokia. Raj Lal is an internationally recognized digital product leader who has designed and developed software used by millions of people. Raj is the author of four popular books (on Windows Gadget, Web Widget, Smartphone Web development & Fun with Silverlight) in addition to many articles about web, digital product design and strategy. He is also a consistently top-rated speaker at conferences and companies around the world.

Sessions: Accessible Design with HTML5;

Nick Granado

Nick Granado Founder/CTO at Plate. Nick is passionate about building things and blending the lines between technology and art. Nick will give a detailed hamds on talk about debugging mobile javascript based web applications without inspect element.

Session: How to "inspect element" on a mobile platform/browser

Sachin Anand

Sachin Anand Founder of WebMobi, an innovative mobile startup focused on providing a cloud based App platform that enables rapid creation of mobile apps. Prior to WebMobi, Sachin has served various software development, product management and technology strategy roles at companies including Motorola, Sony and mobile startup. Sachin is passionate about HTML5 and web as a enabler for creating great mobile experiences for consumer and enterprise.

Session: Best Practices with JQuery Mobile & Apache Cordova

Parashuram Narasimhan

Parashuram Narasimhan Programmer at Sneekpeeq. Before Sneakpeeq, he was a program manager for SQLCE at Microsoft, working on the IndexedDB implementation and specifications. He has written the Jquery IndexedDB plugin, a query layer for IndexedDB and is working on a WebSql shim for IndexedDB. He also like playing with latest HTML features in the web and their security implications. During his free time, he hacks at

Session: Client Side Storage

Mathieu Baudet

Dr. Mathieu Baudet COO at MLstate. Mathieu is a specialist of innovation in programming languages and information security. He worked for three years as a Cryptography Expert and IT Architect at the French National Information Security Agency. Mathieu graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom Paristech. During his PhD thesis at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan and the following years, he regularly published articles in preeminent conferences and journals in the fields of formal methods and cryptology. Mathieu now serves as COO at MLstate, the company supporting the Opa language.

Session: Building rich HTML5 applications in Opa

Judy Tuan

Judy Tuan Developer at Blazing Cloud.

Judy develops in Ruby and Javascript for desktop and mobile web. She is a serial hack-a-thon winner, and is very active in the SF tech community. She leads the "Women Who Code" meetup group and routinely volunteers at RailsBridge workshops. She likes playing StarCraft and speaking in Na'vi.

Session: Introducing Three.js, a flexible and easy-to-use graphics library for rendering 3D in WebGL, SVG, or canvas

Eric Tai

Eric Tai Software Engineer at StackMob. Erick joined StackMob from NexTag, where over the past six years, he led frontend engineering for some of their leading products. Most recently, he managed the engineering team for NexTag’s travel category. Erick brings a wealth of development and product experience to StackMob.

Session: Building a Backend for your HTML5/JS App in Minutes

Philip Deschaine

Philip Deschaine Developer Evangelist at PubNub. He's been programming for seven years on three continents: he learned to code at Michigan State University, freelanced in Western Europe, and did Social Media analytics in Australia. An avid traveler and electronic music fan, he now lives in San Francisco pursuing life at the intersection of real-time technology and art.

Session: "The Reload Button is Obsolete"

Eddie Monge

Eddie Monge Front End Engineer at Lucid Design Group who loves to help others learn and succeed. He has realized his passion lies in user interface optimization and implementation. This means he is a front-end developer who likes to make it easier to use web interfaces. He is a member of various jQuery subteams and can often be found patiently helping those in need of programming guidance.

Session: Responsive Web Design

Soumow Dollon Julien Dollon

Soumow Dollon Software Engineer at Logitech and Julien Dollon Software Development Engineer at Radiant Logic. Soumow is a software engineer at Logitech who develops using Microsoft technologies. Julien is a software development engineer at Radiant Logic Inc. as well as founder of Julien Dollon Inc. Together they are a crazy geek couple living and working in SF Bay area who are fans of new technologies, skydiving and travel.

Session: HTML5 for metro apps on Windows 8 tablet!

DeVaris Brown

DeVaris Brown Chief Developer Evangelist at Marmalade. DeVaris is a Technical Evangelist focused on driving adoption of platforms and building strong developer communities in academia and enterprise. He loves to work on challenging problems and learning new technologies/methodoligies. In the past, DeVaris worked with a variety of platforms(Unix, Windows), developed enterprise solutions, architected incredibly large database systems, and a host of web applications, worked with cutting edge networking equipment, and dove deep into security. He's had a lot of exposure and likes it that way. It keeps things interesting and fresh. DeVaris has a unique ability that allows him to take the most technical and complex issues and relate them to people in the most humanly digestible way. He never answers questions until having a great understanding of the macro issue which allows him to create the most optimal solution.

Session: Native and HTML5 performance when co-exising

Suyash Joshi

Suyash Joshi Mobile Web Developer at Oracle. Suyash is a Member of Technical Staff at Oracle. His background has been on front end web and mobile web programming for the last few years. He is a big fan of HTML5 Mobile Web development and considers JavaScript as the most ubiquitous and powerful language on the web. He has also created mashups using Facebook's Graph API, Google Map API, Twitter API, Twillio's api, Wikipedia's geo data api, Playbook and iOS optimized web apps. Recently he has been experimenting with the lastest of HTML5 api implementations on mobile browsers and working on ways to providing the fast and rewarding use experience.

Session: Mobile Debugging and Performance - Tools and Best Practices

Phil Leggetter

Phil Leggetter Developer Evangelist at Pusher. He's been involved in developing and using realtime web technologies for over 10 years. His focus is to help people use these technologies to build the next generation of interactive and engaging realtime web applications.

Sponsored Session: Realtime Web Applications in the Wild - a Pusher Powered Presentation