Autumn 2014

Conference: October 20 & 21, 2014

Training: October 22, 23, & 24

Moscone Center, San Francisco

VideosVideos will continue to be added.

The Mobile ViewportsPeter-Paul Koch

Play Nice with CSS tools and MethodologiesBrad Westfall

Raw WebGLNick Desaulniers

HTML5DevConf: HTML5, HTTP/2, and YouDaniel Austin

Hanging Up On Callbacks - Generators in ECMAScript 6Erin Swensen

Jank Busting in ChromeTom Wiltzius

Stop Making Excuses and Start Testing Your JavaScript!Ryan Anklam

Writing Hybrid Mobile Applications using HTML, JS, and CSS and Apache CordovaLisa Deluca

2D or not 2D Mathew Groves

An Insiders View of Messaging -- and Why It MattersTed Livingston

JavaScript powering the dream of the connected homeRodrigo Fernandez

HTML5 for Google GlassRoss Gerbasi

Creative Node.jsBen Farrell

Experiments in D3: Financial Visualization in the EnterpriseJeff Jenkins

High Scalability Lessons LearntJohnny Halife

Mobile Design but for Reals this TimeJonathan Smiley

Visualizing Large Data Sets using WebGLAdnan Wahab

Reactive Templating for EveryoneDavid Greenspan

Polymer, the Gateway Drug to Designer-Developer HappinessRob Dodson

Web Security in Node.js and JavaScript Apps (SPAs)Mark Stuart

Service Workers: Offline Now(ish)!Alex Russell

Offline Web Apps,Web Storage,IndexedDB,AppCache,File API FuturesAli Alabbas

Write less, achieve MehChristian Heilmann

Large-scale End-to-End JavaScript}Dan Lynch

7 reasons why the appstores are doomedFrederick Tubiermont

WebGL for 2d gamingIbon Tolosana

Breaking Bad: you CAN make Secure Fast Web PagesJulian Bucknall

Using PhoneGap to Develop Incredible HTML5 hybrid Mobile AppsMasa Tanaka

Debugging an HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App -- Could anything be easier!?Paul Fischer is for EveryoneSteve Newcomb

High Performance Web ComponentsSteve Souders

a Declarative Language for 3D Web ContentTony Parisi

JS Legos: Reusable UI Patterns in JavaScriptTyler Benziger

Secrets of High-Performance Mobile JavaScript ApplicationsVolkan Ozcelik

Optimizing The performance of Mobile Web AppsYurii Luchaninov