Speakers Will Continue to Be Accepted and Confirmed over the Next Few Weeks


We are currently in the process of adding our speakers. Thank you for all of the wonderful submissions. You will see currently confirmed speakers for spring soon, and we will be adding more over the coming weeks.

  • Jafar Husain
  • Netflix

Version 7: The Evolution of the JavaScript

  • Alex Russell
  • Google

TBD on background synchronization, push messaging, offline, and notifications

  • Douglas Crockford
  • Paypal

TBD presentation on JavaScript

  • Chris Wilson
  • Google

TBD on Installable Apps, New Manifest Spec

  • Matthew Sibigtroth
  • Google

The Physical Web

  • Bill Fisher
  • Facebook

React and Flux

  • Matt DeBergalis
  • CEO Meteor

TBD on Meteor Futures

  • Steve Newcomb
  • CEO Famo.us

TBD on Famo.us Futures

  • Jon Abrams
  • OUYA

Server side templating or front-end templating? Get the best of both!

  • Ken Struys
  • Yelp Inc.

Scaling Selenium Testing at Yelp

  • Aki Rodic
  • Google

Making WebGL tools with Polymer

  • Andi Galpern

TBD presentation on UI/UX Design

  • Peter Jensen
  • Intel Corporation

Box2D with SIMD enhancements in JavaScript

  • Sumit Amar
  • Electronic Arts

Fast and free CDNs using WebRTC stack

  • Brandon Nozaki_Miller
  • DigiNow.it

A Bionic Man on an HTML5 Powered Motorcycle

  • Frank Greco
  • Kaazing Corporation

The Web of Things - Leveraging the Web for the Internet of Things

  • Smith Schwartz
  • Say Media

Well-Designed Development: Sass for Engineers

  • Jennifer Wong
  • HotPads at Zillow

Tonight We're Gonna Code Like It's 1999: Creating Responsive Emails

  • Jaswanth Sreeram
  • Intel Labs

Parallel JavaScript: A High-Level Parallel Programming Model for the Web

  • Ben Farrell
  • GE

Atomic Desktop Power with Node.js

  • Tony Parisi (1st Session)
  • Vizi

Developing 3D Virtual Worlds with HTML5 and WebGL

  • Bear Travis
  • Adobe

Icons and the Web

  • Ben Farrell
  • GE

C++ and Node.js: An Unholy Combination, but oh so right

  • Rajesh Kumar
  • Uber

Data Structures with Javascript

  • Pete Hodgson
  • ThoughtWorks


  • Jillian Munson
  • Nickelodeon

Don't do _this at home: best practices for managing function scope

  • Parris Khachi
  • Eventbrite

Integrating RequireJS

  • Chris Danford
  • Pinterest

Implementing Web Components at scale

  • Ningxin Hu
  • Intel Corporation

Box2D with SIMD enhancements in JavaScript

  • Josh Carpenter
  • Mozilla

Virtual Reality & The Future of the Web

  • Vlad Vukicevic
  • Mozilla

Virtual Reality & The Future of the Web

  • Philip Walton
  • Google

How Web Components will change CSS best practices

  • Kevin Nilson
  • Google

Bringing Web content to the Big Screen with Google Cast

  • Yorick Phoenix
  • ISSIO Solutions, Inc

Persistant Mobile JavaScript - Tips & Tricks

  • PJ Onori
  • Waybury

Web Native Iconography - New approaches for richer communication

  • Austin Hallock
  • Clay.io

Building Games for Every Platform with HTML5

  • Sarah Drasner
  • Fauna Inc.

Creating Complex Interactive Animations with SVG, and CSS, and performant JS

  • Seth McLaughlin
  • Shape Security

Join the dark side: Selenium testing with Nightwatch.js

  • Islam Sharabash
  • DataHero

Continuation-Local-Storage and the Magic of AsyncListener

  • Christian Vuerings
  • UC Berkeley

Angular & Rails: Marriage or Divorce?

  • Courtney Hemphill
  • Carbon Five

Algorithms for Animation – 3 simple formulas to activate your UI

  • Sarada Pachalla
  • GE

AngularJS - Introduction to customized Directives

  • Scott Smith
  • Front Porch, Inc.

Beer Locker: Building a RESTful API with Node

  • Bartek Drozdz
  • Tool

Creative coding on the mobile

  • Patrick Gunderson
  • Tool

Generating Real Time Imagery Using HTML5

  • Jason Moore
  • Use All Five

SEO For Single Page Apps

  • Tony Parisi
  • Vizi

Programming 3D Applications in HTML5 and WebGL

  • Jameson MacArthur
  • LockerDome

Responsible Responsive

  • Aaron Franco
  • Clickslide

HTML5 Powered IoT Products

  • David Catuhe
  • Microsoft

Unleash the power of 3D with Babylon.js

  • Rocco Balsamo
  • Gliffy

Thinking 2D to learn 3D

  • Micah Ransdell
  • Netflix

Going Node at Netflix

  • Bryan Hughes
  • Rdio

The Lesser Known Featuers of ECMAScript 6

  • Phil Cockfield
  • Respondly

Harnessing the power of UI Components

  • Bem Jones-Bey
  • Adobe

Freeing the Floats of the Future From the Tyranny of the Rectangle

  • Rich Trott
  • UC San Francisco

Curing Cancer With HTML5

  • Nicolas Grenie
  • 3scale.net

Building Hypermedia APIs in Javascript

  • Pierre Lermant
  • Akamai

Website content performance modeling

  • Roy Sutton
  • LG Silicon Valley Lab

JavaScript on TV

  • Matthew Lancaster
  • Accenture

Performance Optimization Automation for Client-Side Applications

  • Jen Lampton
  • Backdrop CMS

A new CMS in the field: Backdrop

  • Shubhra Kar
  • StrongLoop

Debugging, Profiling, Heap Dumping and other fix-it techniques in Node.js

  • Amit Zur
  • Capriza Inc.

How to create a Native-like experience in the Mobile Web

  • Ariya Hidayat
  • Shape Security

Cover Flow in JavaScript and CSS 3-D

  • Bartosz Szopka
  • Kerio Technologies

In vivo prototyping

  • Daniel Austin
  • GRIN Technologies, Inc.

Performance: How Fast is Fast Enough?

  • Pete Hodgson (1st Session)
  • ThoughtWorks

Theory and Practice of Functional Reactive Javascript

  • Alex Liu
  • Netflix

Scaling A/B testing with Node.js

  • Erik Beeson
  • shelv.es

Stop Abusing Bootstrap

  • Ben Werdmuller
  • Known

The web is your API: feeds and actions using HTML5 and webmentions

  • Jen Kramer

Separate Day Long Training

  • Chris Mather
  • EventedMind

Separate Day Long Training

  • Shu_Hongxu Liu
  • Famo.us

Separate Day Long Training

  • Richard Clark
  • Kaazing

Separate Day Long Training

  • Santosh Jha
  • Aziksa

Separate Day Long Training

  • PabloFarias Navarro
  • Zenva

Separate Day Long Training

  • Masa Tanaka
  • Monaca

Separate Day Long Training

  • Sean Cannon
  • Presence

Separate Day Long Training

  • Jesse Freeman
  • Amazon

Separate Day Long Training

  • Dennis Ashby
  • StrongLoop

Separate Day Long Training

  • Arshak Navruzyan
  • Self

Separate Day Long Training

  • Michael Nagle
  • Lanyard Studios

Separate Day Long Training

  • Eduardo Garcia
  • Accenture

Separate Day Long Training

  • Steven Zeiler
  • Ripple Labs

Separate Day Long Training

  • Tamas Piros
  • tamas.io

Separate Day Long Training

  • Arun Gupta
  • Red Hat

Separate Day Long Training