We are currently in the process of adding our speakers. Thank you for all of the wonderful submissions. You will see currently confirmed speakers for spring soon, and we will be adding more over the coming weeks.

  • Alex Russell
  • Google

  • Peter-Paul Koch
  • QuirksMode.org

The Mobile Viewports

  • Christian Heilmann
  • Mozilla

Write less, achieve meh

  • Steve Souders
  • Fastly

High Performance Web Components

  • Ilya Grigorik
  • Google

Making Web Fonts Fast(er)

  • Steve Newcomb
  • CEO Famo.us

Famo.us Revealed: The Free, Open Source Way to Build 60FPS Apps for Any Device

  • Ted Livingston
  • CEO Kik

  • Kyle Simpson
  • Getify Solutions, Inc.

Syncing Async

  • Frank Greco
  • Kaazing

  • Rob Dodson
  • Google

Polymer, the Gateway Drug to Designer-Developer Happiness

  • Tom Wiltzius
  • Google

Jank Busting in Chrome

  • Doris Chen
  • Microsoft

  • Tony Parisi
  • Vizi

glam: a Declarative Language for 3D Web Content

  • Daniel Austin
  • PayPal

HTML5, HTTP/2, and You

  • Paul Fischer
  • Intel

Debugging an HTML5 hybrid mobile app – Could anything be easier!?

  • Dan Lynch
  • Brandcast

Large-scale end-to-end JavaScript

  • Jen Kramer

  • Michael Jackson
  • HUM

Building Ambitious Web Applications with Ember.js

  • Xavier Damman
  • Storify

Automatically remove unused CSS rules

  • Kevin Nilson
  • Google

Bringing Web content to the Big Screen with Google Cast

  • Tyler Benziger
  • Adobe

JS Legos: Reusable UI Patterns in JavaScript

  • Johnny Halife
  • Mural.ly

High Scalablity Lessons Learnt

  • Demian Borba
  • BlackBerry

Creating mobile apps with Cordova for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10

  • Conrad Irwin
  • Bugsnag, Inc.

Javascript Exception Handling done right

  • Brad Westfall
  • AZPixels

Play nice with CSS tools and Methodologies

  • Ash Blue
  • Clever Crow Games

AI Pathfinding for JavaScript Developers

  • Don Olmstead
  • Sony Network Entertainment

Dart for Game Developers

  • Volkan Ozcelik
  • Jive Software

The Secrets of High-Performance Mobile JavaScript Applications

  • Erin Swenson-Healey
  • Carbon Five

Hanging Up On Callbacks: Generators in ECMAScript 6

  • Michael Carter
  • Game Closure

  • Mark Stuart
  • PayPal

Web Security in Single Page Apps and node.js

  • Michael Anthony
  • Active Theory

Racer a Chrome Experiment

  • Parris Khachi
  • Eventbrite

Fast, bullet proof builds (taming grunt & npm)

  • Jafar Husain
  • Netflix

Async JS at Netflix

  • Ross McKegney
  • Verold

We <3 three.js so much, we built a game engine for it!

  • Peter Jensen
  • Intel Corporation

SIMD Programming in JavaScript

  • Ryan Anklam
  • Netflix

Stop Making Excuses and Start Testing Your JavaScript!

  • Sirar Salih
  • Itera Norway

TDD with AngularJS and TypeScript

  • Jason Aden
  • Salesforce

Using HTML5 to build Great AngularJS Apps

  • Michael Dailly
  • YoYo Games Ltd

Optimising your game with WebGL

  • Mathew Groves
  • Goodboy Digital

2D or not 2D

  • Frederick Tubiermont
  • adsy.me

Seven reasons why the appstores are doomed (and how html5 can help)

  • Arin Sime
  • AgilityFeat

Six Months with WebRTC

  • David Alfaro
  • AgilityFeat

Six Months with WebRTC

  • Yurii Luchaninov
  • MobiDev

Optimizing the performance of mobile web apps

  • Lisa DeLuca
  • IBM

Writing Hybrid Mobile Applications using HTML, JS, and CSS and Apache Cordova

  • Ross Gerbasi
  • Sencha

HTML5 for Google Glass

  • Reinaldo Ferraz
  • W3C Brasil

Using WCAG and ARIA for an accessible project

  • Adnan Wahab
  • Monsoon

Visualizing Large Data Sets using WebGL

  • Adrian Roselli
  • Algonquin Studios

Selfish Accessibility

  • Parashuram Narasimhan
  • Microsoft

Adding Front end performance testing into continuous integration

  • Jonnie Spratley
  • GE Software

Learning Yeoman

  • Jeremy Wilken
  • eBay

Building Web Components Today

  • Dave Arel
  • Belly

Accelerate your Mobile Application with the GPU

  • Kianosh Pourian
  • Cielo Concepts Inc.

Building a UI Framework from Scratch

  • Jairaj Sethi
  • Kik

Building mobile web apps that look and feel native [TRAINING CLASS]

  • Rodrigo Fernandez
  • Walmart Labs

JavaScript powering the dream of the connected home

  • Mark Lassoff
  • LearnToProgram Media

Hadouken! Javascript Game Development with createJS

  • Jonathan Smiley
  • ZURB

Mobile Design But For Reals This Time