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  • Jafar Husain
  • Netflix

Version 7: The Evolution of the JavaScript

  • Alex Russell
  • Google

Engaging Apps: Service Workers, Push, and Notifications

  • Bert Belder
  • StrongLoop

What’s coming in Node.js

  • Moh Haghighat
  • Intel

The Next Leap in JavaScript Performance

  • Vlad Vukicevic
  • Mozilla

Virtual Reality & The Future of the Web

  • Matthew Sibigtroth
  • Google

The Physical Web

  • Bill Fisher
  • Facebook

React and Flux

  • Matt DeBergalis
  • Meteor

The new Meteor platform: web and native mobile from a single reactive JavaScript codebase

  • Antonio Silveira
  • GoDaddy

Continuous Delivery in NodeJS Projects, from Dev to Prod in 5min

  • Siebrand Dijkstra
  • AppMachine

AppMachine: The Future of App Building

  • Doris Chen
  • Microsoft

Angular or Backbone: Go Mobile!

  • Jeff Burtoft
  • Microsoft

Behold the power of the “Web App Manifest”

  • Ken Struys
  • Yelp Inc.

Scaling Selenium Testing at Yelp

  • Aki Rodic
  • Google

Making WebGL tools with Polymer

  • Josh Carpenter
  • Mozilla

Virtual Reality & The Future of the Web

  • Jon Abrams
  • OUYA

Server side templating or front-end templating? Get the best of both!

  • Andi Galpern

Designing to Persuade and Engage Your Audience

  • Stewart Christie (1st Session)
  • Intel

Building a Nodebot with Javascript and the Intel XDK

  • Sumit Amar
  • Electronic Arts

Fast and free CDNs using WebRTC stack

  • Brandon NozakiMiller

A Bionic Man on an HTML5 Powered Motorcycle

  • Frank Greco
  • Kaazing Corporation

The Web of Things - Leveraging the Web for the Internet of Things

  • Smith Schwartz
  • Say Media

Well-Designed Development: Sass for Engineers

  • Ryan Salva
  • Microsoft

Angular or Backbone: Go Mobile!

  • Tony Parisi
  • Vizi

Hacking Reality: Browser-Based VR in HTML5

  • Jennifer Wong
  • HotPads at Zillow

Tonight We're Gonna Code Like It's 1999: Creating Responsive Emails

  • Jaswanth Sreeram
  • Intel Labs

Parallel JavaScript: A High-Level Parallel Programming Model for the Web

  • Ben Farrell (1st Session)
  • GE

Atomic Desktop Power with Node.js

  • Bear Travis
  • Adobe

Icons and the Web

  • Ben Farrell
  • GE

C++ and Node.js: An Unholy Combination, but oh so right

  • Rajesh Kumar
  • Uber

Data Structures with Javascript

  • Chris Danford
  • Pinterest

Implementing Web Components at scale

  • Paul Fischer
  • Intel Corporation

The Power, and Pain, of Cordova Plugins

  • Chris Perkins
  • Intel

Responsive Web Design Meets the Mobile HTML5 Hybrid App

  • Stewart Christie
  • Intel

DIY Science using the Intel IoT Devkit

  • Kevin Nilson
  • Google

Bringing Web content to the Big Screen with Google Cast

  • Pete Hodgson
  • ThoughtWorks


  • Jillian Munson
  • Nickelodeon

Don't do _this at home: best practices for managing function scope

  • Peter Jensen
  • Intel Corporation

Box2D with SIMD enhancements in JavaScript

  • Parris Khachi
  • Eventbrite

Integrating RequireJS

  • Ningxin Hu
  • Intel Corporation

Box2D with SIMD enhancements in JavaScript

  • Philip Walton
  • Google

How Web Components will change CSS best practices

  • Matthijs Koopman
  • AppMachine

Making cross platform app development more fun with AppMachine

  • Reintjan Hoiting
  • AppMachine

Making cross platform app development more fun with AppMachine

  • Michal Mocny
  • Google

Chrome Apps for Mobile, using Apache Cordova

  • Michael Mikowski
  • Qualaroo

Dump SASS and Less CSS for JS powered CSS

  • Michael Cohen
  • GoDaddy

Getting Enterprises to Embrace Javascript or: I was a 98-Pound Weakling

  • Yorick Phoenix
  • ISSIO Solutions, Inc

Persistent Mobile JavaScript - Tips & Tricks

  • PJ Onori
  • Waybury

Web Native Iconography - New approaches for richer communication

  • Austin Hallock

Building Games for Every Platform with HTML5

  • Sarah Drasner
  • Fauna Inc.

Creating Complex Interactive Animations with SVG, and CSS, and performant JS

  • Seth McLaughlin
  • Shape Security

Join the dark side: Selenium testing with Nightwatch.js

  • Islam Sharabash
  • DataHero

Continuation-Local-Storage and the Magic of AsyncListener

  • Christian Vuerings
  • UC Berkeley

Angular & Rails: Marriage or Divorce?

  • Courtney Hemphill
  • Carbon Five

Algorithms for Animation – 3 simple formulas to activate your UI

  • Sarada Pachalla
  • GE

AngularJS - Introduction to customized Directives

  • Scott Smith
  • Front Porch, Inc.

Beer Locker: Building a RESTful API with Node

  • Bartek Drozdz
  • Tool

Creative coding on the mobile

  • Patrick Gunderson
  • Tool

Generating Real Time Imagery Using HTML5

  • Jason Moore
  • Use All Five

SEO For Single Page Apps

  • Jameson MacArthur
  • LockerDome

Responsible Responsive

  • Aaron Franco
  • Clickslide

HTML5 Powered IoT Products

  • David Catuhe (1st Session)
  • Microsoft

Unleash the power of 3D with Babylon.js

  • Rocco Balsamo
  • Gliffy

Thinking 2D to learn 3D

  • Micah Ransdell
  • Netflix

Going Node at Netflix

  • Bryan Hughes
  • Rdio

The Lesser Known Featuers of ECMAScript 6

  • Phil Cockfield
  • Respondly

Harnessing the power of UI Components

  • Bem Jones-Bey
  • Adobe

Freeing the Floats of the Future From the Tyranny of the Rectangle

  • Rich Trott
  • UC San Francisco

Curing Cancer With HTML5

  • Nicolas Grenie

Building Hypermedia APIs in Javascript

  • Pierre Lermant
  • Akamai

Website content performance modeling

  • Roy Sutton
  • LG Silicon Valley Lab

JavaScript on TV

  • Matthew Lancaster
  • Accenture

Performance Optimization Automation for Client-Side Applications

  • Jen Lampton
  • Backdrop CMS

A new CMS in the field: Backdrop

  • Shubhra Kar
  • StrongLoop

Debugging, Profiling, Heap Dumping and other fix-it techniques in Node.js

  • Amit Zur
  • Capriza Inc.

How to create a Native-like experience in the Mobile Web

  • Ariya Hidayat
  • Shape Security

Cover Flow in JavaScript and CSS 3-D

  • Bartosz Szopka
  • Kerio Technologies

In vivo prototyping

  • Daniel Austin
  • GRIN Technologies, Inc.

Performance: How Fast is Fast Enough?

  • Pete Hodgson (1st Session)
  • ThoughtWorks

Theory and Practice of Functional Reactive Javascript

  • Alex Liu
  • Netflix

Scaling A/B testing with Node.js

  • Erik Beeson

Stop Abusing Bootstrap

  • Ben Werdmuller
  • Known

The web is your API: feeds and actions using HTML5 and webmentions

  • Eugenio Pace
  • Auth0

Death to Cookies, Long Live JSON Web Tokens

  • Ed Kelley
  • SeatGeek

High Performance Interactive Venue Maps at SeatGeek

  • Francisco Ferreira
  • eBay

Mobile Web, merging adaptive and responsive techniques

  • Tiago RomeroGarcia
  • Avenue Code, LLC

Backbone.js Tricks or Treats

  • OmPrakash Muppirala
  • IBM

FlexJS - An Introduction

  • Matt Long
  • Cengage Learning

WAI-ARIA: Awesome for Everyone

  • David Catuhe
  • Microsoft

Using Typescript in a big open source project

  • Erik Beeson

Advanced Firebase: Querying, Indexing, and Security Rules

  • Swati raju
  • Groupon Inc

A world of multi-device, multi-platform mobile ecosystem

  • Amey Godse
  • Whamix

Telling interactive rich media stories in the browser

  • Gene Reese
  • Shasta QA

Mobile Automated Testing Challenges

  • Justin Anastos
  • Use All Five, Inc.

Never Solve a Problem Twice: Building Reusable Modules with Backbone.Marionette and Require.js

  • Allan Naranjo
  • AgilityFeat

Pi's, Node, and Real-Time things

  • Stefan Thomas
  • Ripple Labs Inc.

Server forever alone? Building the decentralized web

  • Simon Amarasingham
  • dSonic

Innovation Springs From Creativity

  • Nathan Bingham
  • Bradley and Montgomery (BaM)

Building games for big Brands

  • Alex Porter
  • Bradley and Montgomery (BaM)

Building games for big Brands

  • Piotr Sadowski
  • Solpeo

Holy Grail of portability - Develop Once, Deploy Anywhere

  • Leonard Daly
  • Daly Realism

Driving Evolution of the 3D Web

  • Dan Bricklin
  • Alpha Software

Dealing with Disconnected and Offline for Mobile Applications

  • Stephen Woods
  • Yahoo

Lessons and Learnings: Moving to NodeJS

  • Tony Parisi (Training)
  • Vizi

Separate Day Long Training

  • Jen Kramer

Separate Day Long Training

  • Chris Mather
  • EventedMind

Separate Day Long Training

  • Richard Clark
  • Kaazing

Separate Day Long Training

  • Santosh Jha
  • Aziksa

Separate Day Long Training

  • PabloFarias Navarro
  • Zenva

Separate Day Long Training

  • Masa Tanaka
  • Monaca

Separate Day Long Training

  • Sean Cannon
  • Presence

Separate Day Long Training

  • Jesse Freeman
  • Amazon

Separate Day Long Training

  • Dennis Ashby
  • StrongLoop

Separate Day Long Training

  • Arshak Navruzyan
  • Argyle Data

Separate Day Long Training

  • Michael Nagle
  • Lanyard Studios

Separate Day Long Training

  • Eduardo Garcia
  • Accenture

Separate Day Long Training

  • Steven Zeiler
  • Ripple Labs

Separate Day Long Training

  • Tamas Piros

Separate Day Long Training

  • Arun Gupta
  • Red Hat

Separate Day Long Training

  • shaRon Sachse
  • Independent

Separate Day Long Training

  • Michal Mocny (Training)
  • Google

Separate Day Long Training